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Retail Trade

New Car Dealers

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 1,113 M  90-day average vol: 478,247

Previous close: 9.11  Open: 9.11  Bid: 9.48  Ask: 9.48
52 week range    
Last updated: Wednesday 7th December 2022
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ARKO Balance Sheet


Invalid dateDec-18Dec-19Dec-20Dec-21
Assets_Accounts receivable023 M47 M62 M
Assets_Accumulated depreciation & depletion0183 M225 M283 M
Assets_Building & improvements01,117 M1,343 M219 M
Assets_Cash and equivalents032 M294 M252 M
Assets_Construction in progress0000
Assets_Cost in excess0134 M174 M198 M
Assets_Current deferred income taxes0000
Assets_Finished goods0109 M118 M126 M
Assets_Gross fixed assets (Plant Property & Equipment)01,524 M1,876 M2,089 M
Assets_Intangibles025 M218 M186 M
Assets_Inventories0158 M164 M198 M
Assets_Inventories adjustments & allowances0000
Assets_Inventory valuation methodN/AN/AFIFO&AveragingFIFO&Averaging
Assets_Land & improvements063 M92 M104 M
Assets_Loans receivable0000
Assets_Machinery furniture & equipment0344 M441 M508 M
Assets_Marketable securities00059 M
Assets_Net fixed assets (net PP&E)01,341 M1,651 M1,806 M
Assets_Non-current deferred income taxes0041 M41 M
Assets_Other current assets015 M30 M23 M
Assets_Other fixed assets0001,257 M
Assets_Other inventories0165 M171 M206 M
Assets_Other non-current assets054 M12 M25 M
Assets_Other receivable034 M43 M50 M
Assets_Prepaid expenses07 M11 M13 M
Assets_Purchased components0000
Assets_Raw materials042 M38 M63 M
Assets_Receivables060 M93 M118 M
Assets_Restricted cash019 M18 M20 M
Assets_Total assets01,847 M2,740 M2,942 M
Assets_Total current assets0290 M609 M684 M
Assets_Total fixed assets01,524 M1,876 M2,089 M
Assets_Total non-current assets01,557 M2,130 M2,259 M
Assets_Work in progress0000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Accounts payable0129 M156 M173 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Accrued expenses033 M76 M82 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Accrued liabilities033 M76 M82 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Additional paid in capital0105 M212 M215 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Capital lease obligations01,019 M1,200 M1,306 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Cash flow23 M-47 M30 M54 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Common par060001200012000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Common stock equity066 M192 M253 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Cumulative translation adjustment0000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Current deferred income taxes-10 M4 M-5 M5 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Deferred income taxes01 M3 M3 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Deferred revenues09 M11 M12 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Float term debtN/A219 M709 M677 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Free cash flow7 M-15 M129 M-67 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Invested capital0284 M1,000 M1,030 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Minority interest0129 M-161000224000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Notes payable0000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Other current liabilities025 M47 M44 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Other equity adjustments04 M9 M9 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Other non-current liabilities073 M50 M95 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Preferred equity outside stock equity0000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Preferred securities of subsidiary trust0000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Preferred stock equity00100 M100 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Retained earnings0-43 M-30 M30 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Short term debt0144 M98 M98 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total capitalization0284 M1,000 M1,030 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total current liabilities0340 M387 M408 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total equity066 M292 M353 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total liabilities01,782 M2,448 M2,589 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total liabilities & stock equity01,847 M2,740 M2,942 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total non-current liabilities01,441 M2,061 M2,180 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Treasury stock0000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Working capital0-50 M222 M275 M
Other Current Assets0.034 M48 M43 M
Property Plant Equipment Net0.01,341 M1,651 M1,806 M
Non-Current Investments0.0-1,361 M-1,409 M-404 M
Other Current Liabilities0.
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