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Optionable: No  Market Cap: 58 M  90-day average vol: 5,776

Previous close: 11.26  Open: 11.14  Bid: 18.01  Ask: 18.01
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Last updated: Wednesday 6th July 2022
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AXR Cash Flow


Cashflowfinancing_Auditor's Report (aud. name & aud. op.)UQUQUQUQUQUQUQUQUQ
Cashflowfinancing_Auditor's name (aud. name & aud. op.)RSM US LLPRSM US LLPRSM US LLPRSM US LLPRSM US LLPRSM US LLPMarcum LLPMarcum LLPMarcum LLP
Cashflowfinancing_Cash at beginning of period26 M28 M3 M8 M12 M15 M12 M14 M14 M
Cashflowfinancing_Cash at end of period28 M14 M8 M12 M15 M12 M14 M14 M18 M
Cashflowfinancing_Cash from disc. financing activities00-6 M-3 M1 M0000
Cashflowfinancing_Domestic sales000000000
Cashflowfinancing_Effect of exchange rate changes000000000
Cashflowfinancing_Foreign sales000000000
Cashflowfinancing_Issuance of capital stock007 M000000
Cashflowfinancing_Issuance of debt14 M21 M28 M05550003400002 M3 M5 M
Cashflowfinancing_Net cash from financing activities-3 M-347000768000-4 M-4 M-13 M2 M-5490003 M
Cashflowfinancing_Net change in cash & cash equivalents2 M-14 M5 M4 M3 M-3 M2 M1950003 M
Cashflowfinancing_Other financing charges net00-28 M000-49000-46000-95000
Cashflowfinancing_Payment of cash dividends000000000
Cashflowfinancing_Repayment of debt-16 M-22 M-814000-1 M-4 M-8950000-4 M-2 M
Cashflowfinancing_Repurchase of capital stock000000000
Cashflowinvesting_Acquisitions0-1 M0000000
Cashflowinvesting_Cash from disc. investing activities000000-87000750000
Cashflowinvesting_Net cash from investing activities-1 M-2 M-1 M-1 M3 M-249000-139000152000-9000
Cashflowinvesting_Other investing changes net000000000
Cashflowinvesting_Purchase of Float term investments000000000
Cashflowinvesting_Purchase of property plant & equipment-1 M-1 M-1 M-1 M-798000-249000-52000-8000-9000
Cashflowinvesting_Purchase of short term investments000000000
Cashflowinvesting_Sale of Float term investments000000000
Cashflowinvesting_Sale of property plant equipment000000000
Cashflowinvesting_Sale of short term investments000000000
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in inventories-3960003700003 M4 M7 M6 M-3 M1 M2 M
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in other current assets00000000-89000
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in other current liabilities-1 M-5 M-3 M1 M-127000-430000186000-2 M-4 M
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in other working capital-1 M-3 M2380005 M-5 M2 M-979000-196000226000
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in payables-2 M-2 M173000-2 M-2 M-1 M1 M196000161000
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in prepaid expenses000000000
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in receivables5 M-8 M1 M-3510003270009280005100002410000
Cashflowoperating_Amortization of intangibles000000000
Cashflowoperating_Deferred income taxesN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A623000636000-299000-2 M
Cashflowoperating_Depreciation5 M4 M3 M3 M3 M1 M509000606000537000
Cashflowoperating_Extraordinary (gains) losses000000000
Cashflowoperating_Net cash from continuing operations6 M-12 M5 M10 M3 M10 M-2 M-2 M765000
Cashflowoperating_Net cash from discontinued operations0000003 M3 M0
Cashflowoperating_Net cash from operating activities6 M-12 M5 M10 M3 M10 M531000592000765000
Cashflowoperating_Net income (loss)000000000
Cashflowoperating_Operating (gains) losses1 M2 M58000431000210001 M7290006490003 M
Cashflowoperating_Other non-cash items804000-6080000-11 M67000-36000-2 M2500065000
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