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Ballys Corporation logo

Ballys Corporation

Sector: Accommodation and Food Services   

Industry: Hotels (except Casino Hotels) and Motels

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 721 M  90-day average vol: 210,388

Previous close: 15.56  Open: 15.31  Bid: 14.17  Ask: 15.38
52 week range    
RSI / 
Last updated: Friday 22nd September 2023
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BALY Cash Flow

Invalid dateDec-19Dec-20Dec-21Dec-22
(Increase) Decrease in inventories-89000.0125000.0
(Increase) Decrease in other current assets-55 M-62 M37 M
(Increase) Decrease in payables-4 M-5 M
(Increase) Decrease in receivables5 M12 M-19 M-1 M
Acquisitions-10 M-425 M-2,274 M-149 M
Amortization4 M5 M22 M43 M
Amortization of intangibles1 M804000.015 M
AssetImpairmentCharge9 M5 M464 M
CapitalExpenditureReported29 M15 M163 M305 M
Cash at beginning of period81 M186 M127 M275 M
Cash at end of period186 M127 M275 M265 M
Cash flow94 M20 M160 M332 M
CashFlowFromContinuingInvestingActivities-39 M-445 M-2,320 M-314 M
ChangeInAccountPayable-4 M-5 M
ChangeInAccruedExpense767000.014 M
ChangeInInterestPayable767000.014 M
ChangeInPayablesAndAccruedExpense-3 M9 M
ChangeInPrepaidAssets-14 M-76 M
ChangeInWorkingCapital-12 M-55 M-80 M36 M
ChangesInAccountReceivables5 M12 M
CommonStockDividendPaid-8 M-3 M
CommonStockPayments-223 M-33 M-87 M-153 M
Current deferred income taxes9 M1 M-5 M-88 M
Deferred income taxes9 M1 M-5 M-88 M
Depreciation32 M38 M145 M301 M
Depreciation unreconciled36 M43 M167 M344 M
DepreciationAndAmortization36 M43 M167 M344 M
Effect of exchange rate changes-42 M-21 M
FinancingCashFlow49 M366 M2,405 M43 M
Free cash flow65 M4 M-64 M3 M
GainLossOnSaleOfBusiness-64 M-23 M
IncomeTaxPaidSupplementalData17 M4 M42 M-38 M
InterestPaidSupplementalData35 M57 M66 M201 M
Issuance of capital stock668 M
IssuanceOfCapitalStock668 M
IssuanceOfDebt284 M414 M1,910 M33 M
Net cash from financing activities49 M366 M2,351 M-8 M
Net cash from investing activities-39 M-445 M-2,297 M-303 M
Net cash from operating activities94 M20 M83 M271 M
Net change in cash & cash equivalents104 M-59 M106 M-31 M
Net income from continuing operations55 M-5 M-72 M-426 M
NetBusinessPurchaseAndSale-10 M-425 M-2,274 M-149 M
NetCommonStockIssuance-223 M-33 M581 M-153 M
NetIntangiblesPurchaseAndSale-1 M-500000.0-30 M-55 M
NetInvestmentPropertiesPurchaseAndSale-28 M-4 M117 M141 M
NetInvestmentPurchaseAndSale-28 M-4 M117 M141 M
NetIssuancePaymentsOfDebt284 M414 M1,910 M33 M
NetLongTermDebtIssuance284 M414 M1,910 M33 M
NetPPEPurchaseAndSale-28 M-15 M-117 M-213 M
NetTechnologyPurchaseAndSale-16 M-37 M
Operating (gains) losses2 M-64 M110 M
Other financing charges net-426000.0-10 M-56 M113 M
Other investing changes net-28 M-4 M117 M141 M
Other non-cash items4 M99 M40 M466 M
Payment of cash dividends8 M3 M
ProceedsFromIssuanceOfWarrants50 M
Purchase of property plant & equipment-29 M-15 M-147 M-268 M
Purchase of short term investments708 M669 M3,788 M597 M
PurchaseOfIntangibles-1 M-500000.0-30 M-55 M
PurchaseOfPPE-28 M-15 M-117 M-213 M
PurchaseOfTechnology-16 M-37 M
Repayment of debt-424 M-254 M-1,878 M-564 M
RepaymentOfDebt-424 M-254 M-1,878 M-564 M
Repurchase of capital stock-223 M-33 M-87 M-153 M
StockBasedCompensation4 M18 M20 M28 M
Call: 1-877-778-8358
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