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Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce logo

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Sector: Financial Services   

Industry: Banks - Global

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 36,786 M  90-day average vol: 1,333,423

Previous close: 37.64  Open: 37.42  Bid: 36.1  Ask: 37.34
52 week range    
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Last updated: Wednesday 4th October 2023

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StockDividendMarket Cap (B)PEPrice ($)


0.021849 B14.362.25


0.036474 B12.4117.03



0.042788 B11.873.75


0.0307132 B6.566.36



0.0326164 B12.8115.05



0.0335149 B13.283.77


0.0178216 B12.757.33

CM Income Statement

Basic EPS from continuing operations4.063.944.455.362.822.932.812.063.496.7
Basic EPS total4.063.944.455.362.822.932.812.063.496.7
Basic weighted shares outstanding802 M795 M794 M791 M1,651 M1,772 M1,777 M1,782 M1,796 M903 M
CreditCard535 M414 M449 M470 M463 M510 M458 M410 M460 M1,723 M
CreditLossesProvision-1,121 M-937 M-771 M-1,051 M-829 M-870 M-1,286 M-2,489 M-158 M1,057 M
Diluted EPS total4.063.934.445.352.812.922.82.063.486.68
Diluted normalized net income/share4.063.934.445.352.812.922.82.063.486.68
Diluted weighted shares outstanding803 M797 M796 M792 M1,654 M1,779 M1,782 M1,784 M1,801 M906 M
Dividends paid per share1.91.972.152.381.271.331.41.461.463.27
Equipment1,052 M1,200 M1,292 M1,398 M1,630 M1,742 M1,874 M1,939 M2,030 M2,297 M
FeesAndCommissions4,066 M4,417 M4,829 M5,022 M5,433 M5,897 M5,537 M5,541 M6,228 M4,741 M
GeneralAndAdministrativeExpense4,324 M4,636 M5,099 M4,982 M5,198 M5,665 M5,726 M5,920 M6,450 M
ImpairmentOfCapitalAssets135 M248 M
Income before tax3,976 M3,914 M4,224 M5,013 M5,880 M6,706 M6,469 M4,890 M8,322 M7,973 M
Income restructuring and M&A-45 M343 M12 M
Income taxes626 M699 M634 M718 M1,162 M1,422 M1,348 M1,098 M1,876 M1,730 M
IncomefromAssociatesandOtherParticipatingInterests140 M226 M177 M96 M101 M121 M92 M79 M55 M47 M
InsuranceAndPremiums351 M
Interest expense4,358 M4,018 M3,568 M3,726 M4,616 M7,440 M10,146 M6,478 M3,282 M9,538 M
InterestExpenseForDeposit3,679 M3,337 M2,990 M3,215 M3,953 M6,240 M8,422 M5,326 M2,651 M7,887 M
InterestExpenseForFederalFundsSoldAndSecuritiesPurchaseUnderAgreementsToResell102 M127 M110 M127 M254 M736 M1,198 M656 M208 M1,323 M
InterestExpenseForLongTermDebt203 M
InterestExpenseForLongTermDebtAndCapitalSecurities193 M178 M181 M137 M142 M174 M1,396 M815 M122 M203 M
InterestIncome11,811 M11,477 M11,483 M12,092 M13,593 M17,505 M20,697 M17,522 M14,741 M22,179 M
InterestIncomeAfterProvisionForLoanLoss6,332 M6,522 M7,144 M7,315 M8,148 M9,195 M9,265 M8,555 M11,301 M11,584 M
InterestIncomeFromDeposits38 M25 M76 M156 M180 M282 M396 M249 M131 M708 M
InterestIncomeFromFederalFundsSoldAndSecuritiesPurchaseUnderAgreementsToResell347 M320 M310 M329 M495 M1,053 M1,474 M842 M319 M1,175 M
InterestIncomeFromLoans9,795 M9,504 M9,573 M9,833 M11,028 M13,901 M16,048 M13,863 M12,150 M16,874 M
InterestIncomeFromLoansAndLease9,795 M9,504 M9,573 M9,833 M11,028 M13,901 M16,048 M13,863 M12,150 M16,874 M
InterestIncomeFromOtherMoneyMarketInvestments3,422 M
InterestIncomeFromSecurities1,631 M1,628 M1,524 M1,774 M1,890 M2,269 M2,779 M2,568 M2,141 M3,422 M
InvestmentBankingProfit389 M444 M427 M446 M452 M420 M475 M468 M713 M557 M
MinorityInterests-2 M-3 M14 M20 M19 M17 M25 M2 M17 M-23 M
Net income from total operations3,352 M3,218 M3,576 M4,275 M4,699 M5,267 M5,096 M3,790 M6,429 M6,220 M
NetIncomeCommonStockholders3,253 M3,131 M3,531 M4,237 M4,647 M5,178 M4,985 M3,668 M6,271 M6,049 M
NetIncomeContinuousOperations3,350 M3,215 M3,590 M4,295 M4,718 M5,284 M5,121 M3,792 M6,446 M6,243 M
NetInterestIncome7,453 M7,459 M7,915 M8,366 M8,977 M10,065 M10,551 M11,044 M11,459 M12,641 M
NetOccupancyExpense700 M736 M782 M804 M822 M875 M892 M944 M916 M853 M
NonInterestExpense7,608 M8,512 M8,861 M8,971 M9,571 M10,258 M10,721 M10,697 M11,398 M12,803 M
NonInterestIncome5,112 M5,678 M5,764 M6,573 M7,202 M7,648 M7,961 M7,622 M8,501 M9,192 M
Normalized income2,942 M2,877 M3,105 M3,685 M4,322 M4,929 M4,838 M4,259 M6,254 M5,860 M
OccupancyAndEquipment1,752 M1,936 M2,074 M2,202 M2,452 M2,617 M2,766 M2,883 M2,946 M3,150 M
Other special charges-7 M74 M125 M
OtherCustomerServices1,014 M1,236 M1,457 M1,462 M1,573 M1,624 M1,595 M1,586 M378 M
OtherGandA4,324 M4,636 M5,099 M4,982 M5,198 M5,665 M5,726 M5,920 M6,450 M
OtherInterestExpense384 M376 M287 M247 M267 M290 M328 M337 M301 M125 M
OtherNonInterestExpense1,117 M1,454 M1,177 M1,317 M1,410 M1,423 M1,644 M1,420 M1,488 M1,726 M
OtherNonInterestIncome369 M764 M420 M736 M695 M453 M420 M290 M229 M2,047 M
OtherunderPreferredStockDividend99 M87 M45 M38 M52 M89 M111 M122 M158 M171 M
PreferredStockDividends99 M87 M45 M38 M52 M89 M111 M122 M158 M171 M
ProfessionalExpenseAndContractServicesExpense179 M201 M230 M201 M229 M226 M226 M203 M277 M313 M
PromotionAndAdvertising334 M
SalariesAndWages4,324 M4,636 M5,099 M4,982 M5,198 M5,665 M5,726 M5,920 M6,450 M7,157 M
SecuritiesActivities412 M408 M385 M342 M349 M357 M313 M362 M426 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense4,560 M4,921 M5,380 M5,251 M5,480 M5,992 M6,085 M6,191 M6,687 M7,491 M
SellingAndMarketingExpense236 M285 M281 M269 M282 M327 M359 M271 M237 M334 M
ServiceChargeOnDepositorAccounts1,631 M1,682 M1,724 M1,866 M2,014 M2,159 M2,324 M1,801 M1,949 M880 M
Special income/charges128 M665 M137 M-1,726 M
Total common shares outstanding1,836 M1,836 M1,836 M1,836 M1,836 M885 M890 M893 M902 M449 M
Total net income3,352 M3,218 M3,576 M4,275 M4,699 M5,267 M5,096 M3,790 M6,429 M6,220 M
Total ordinary shares924 M924 M924 M924 M924 M924 M924 M924 M924 M924 M
Total revenues12,565 M13,137 M13,679 M14,939 M16,179 M17,713 M18,512 M18,666 M19,960 M21,833 M
TotalPremiumsEarned430 M386 M358 M351 M
TotalRevenue12,565 M13,137 M13,679 M14,939 M16,179 M17,713 M18,512 M18,666 M19,960 M21,833 M
TradingGainLoss-27 M176 M139 M88 M-226 M
TrustFeesbyCommissions1,488 M1,913 M2,271 M2,344 M2,607 M2,871 M2,900 M2,968 M3,393 M1,760 M
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