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Amalgamated Bank logo

Amalgamated Bank

Sector: Financial Services   

Industry: Banks - Regional - US

Optionable: No  Market Cap: 526 M  90-day average vol: 82,358

Previous close: 17.12  Open: 17.04  Bid: 16.65  Ask: 17.64
52 week range    
NA-CA / 
Last updated: Friday 22nd September 2023

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AMAL Balance Sheet

Invalid dateDec-20Dec-21Dec-22
Accumulated depreciation & depletion-27 M-25 M-26 M
Additional paid in capital301 M298 M287 M
AdvanceFromFederalHomeLoanBanks580 M
AllowanceForLoansAndLeaseLosses42 M36 M1,541 M
AssetsHeldForSale11 M3 M8 M
AvailableForSaleSecurities1,540 M2,113 M1,812 M
BankOwnedLifeInsurance106 M107 M106 M
Cash and equivalents39 M330 M64 M
CashEquivalents31 M322 M58 M
Common par310000.0311000.0307000.0
Common stock equity536 M564 M509 M
Cost in excess13 M13 M13 M
CurrentDeferredTaxesLiabilities28 M27 M63 M
DeferredAssets36 M27 M63 M
DeferredTaxAssets36 M27 M63 M
Deposits5,339 M6,356 M6,595 M
DividendsPayable10 M10 M11 M
FederalFundsSoldAndSecuritiesPurchaseUnderAgreementsToResell155 M229 M26 M
FederalHomeLoanBankStock0.030 M
Float term debt0.084 M658 M
GoodwillAndOtherIntangibleAssets18 M17 M16 M
Gross fixed assets (Plant Property & Equipment)63 M58 M54 M
GrossLoan3,489 M3,312 M
HeldToMaturitySecurities494 M844 M1,415 M
Intangibles5 M4 M3 M
InterestBearingDepositsLiabilities1,914 M2,228 M2,445 M
Invested capital0.0731 M1,244 M
Leases36 M33 M28 M
LineOfCredit1 M2 M2 M
LongTermDebtAndCapitalLeaseObligation84 M658 M
Minority interest133000.0133000.0133000.0
MoneyMarketInvestments155 M229 M26 M
Net fixed assets (net PP&E)36 M33 M28 M
Net loans3,447 M3,276 M-1,541 M
NonInterestBearingDeposits2,603 M3,335 M3,331 M
NotesReceivable3,447 M3,276 M
Number of employees375.0375.0375.0
Other equity adjustments17 M5 M-109 M
Other receivable24 M29 M4,102 M
OtherAssets47 M50 M30 M
OtherDeposits5,339 M6,356 M6,595 M
OtherLiabilities104 M74 M81 M
Retained earnings217 M260 M330 M
SecuritiesAndInvestments2,034 M2,957 M1,812 M
SecurityAgreeToBeResell155 M229 M26 M
TimeDepositsPlaced31 M44 M110 M
Total assets5,979 M7,078 M7,843 M
Total equity536 M564 M509 M
Total liabilities5,443 M6,514 M7,334 M
TotalEquityGrossMinority536 M564 M509 M
TotalEquityGrossMinorityInterest536 M564 M509 M
TotalLiabilitiesAndTotalEquityGrossMinorityInterest5,979 M7,078 M7,843 M
Call: 1-877-778-8358
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