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Health Care Plans

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 111,082 M  90-day average vol: 1,192,990

Previous close: 469.87  Open: 475.28  Bid:   Ask:
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Last updated: Wednesday 6th July 2022
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ANTM Cash Flow


Cashflowfinancing_Cash at beginning of period2,202 M2,485 M1,587 M2,152 M2,113 M4,075 M3,609 M3,934 M4,937 M
Total net income000000000
Cashflowoperating_Deferred income taxes128 M59 M31 M-66 M127 M-1,272 M91 M81 M-540 M
Cashflowoperating_Other non-cash items2 M145 M81 M-9 M0282 M11 M2 M0
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in receivables190 M-418 M-1,900 M-43 M-1,381 M-22 M-695 M-1,053 M-256 M
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in inventories000000000
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in other current assets230 M-467 M-1,516 M-3 M-1,528 M-687 M-722 M-1,271 M-571 M
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in payables0000000-256 M1,978 M
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in other current liabilities-539 M149 M-22 M563 M788 M802 M72 M-297 M1,978 M
Other changes2,735 M3,584 M6,695 M3,770 M5,264 M5,082 M5,070 M8,855 M8,099 M
Cashflowoperating_Net cash from continuing operations2,745 M3,052 M3,369 M4,212 M3,270 M4,185 M3,827 M6,061 M10,688 M
Cashflowinvesting_Purchase of property plant & equipment-545 M-646 M-715 M-638 M-584 M-791 M-1,208 M-1,077 M-1,021 M
Cashflowinvesting_Acquisitions-4,597 M0740 M-639 M0-2,080 M-1,760 M0-1,976 M
Cashflowinvesting_Other investing changes net000000000
Cashflowinvesting_Sale of short term investments15,916 M13,663 M10,256 M11,780 M11,953 M13,527 M11,600 M21,035 M16,059 M
Cashflowinvesting_Purchase of short term investments000000000
Cashflowinvesting_Sale of Float term investments000000000
Cashflowinvesting_Purchase of Float term investments000000000
Other changes-15,870 M-15,897 M-11,971 M-12,292 M-12,467 M-16,529 M-11,099 M-23,827 M-21,407 M
Cashflowinvesting_Net cash from investing activities-4,552 M-2,234 M-975 M-1,151 M-514 M-5,082 M-1,259 M-2,792 M-7,324 M
Cashflowfinancing_Issuance of capital stock111 M525 M301 M186 M120 M225 M1,423 M187 M176 M
Cashflowfinancing_Repurchase of capital stock-2,497 M-1,620 M-2,999 M-1,516 M0-1,998 M-1,685 M-1,701 M-2,700 M
Cashflowfinancing_Payment of cash dividends-367 M-448 M-481 M-657 M-684 M-705 M-776 M-818 M-954 M
Cashflowfinancing_Issuance of debt6,469 M1,250 M2,700 M1,909 M05,633 M835 M2,473 M2,484 M
Cashflowfinancing_Repayment of debt-1,480 M-1,994 M-2,109 M-2,697 M-53 M-2,815 M-1,791 M-1,420 M-1,932 M
Cashflowfinancing_Other financing charges net-147 M569 M765 M-318 M-182 M87 M-247 M-987 M359 M
Cashflowfinancing_Net cash from financing activities2,089 M-1,718 M-1,822 M-3,093 M-799 M427 M-2,241 M-2,266 M-2,567 M
Cashflowfinancing_Net change in cash & cash equivalents282 M-900 M572 M-33 M1,957 M-470 M327 M1,003 M797 M
Cashflowfinancing_Cash at end of period2,485 M1,587 M2,152 M2,114 M4,075 M3,609 M3,934 M4,937 M5,741 M
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