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Boston Scientific Corporation logo

Boston Scientific Corporation

Sector: Healthcare   

Industry: Medical Devices

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 70,075 M  90-day average vol: 7,285,378

Previous close: 48.84  Open: 48.83  Bid: 48.83  Ask: 48.83
52 week range    
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Last updated: Thursday 23rd March 2023
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BSX Income Statement

Total revenues7,143 M7,380 M7,477 M8,386 M9,048 M9,823 M10,735 M9,913 M11,888 M12,682 M
Cost of sales1,346 M1,309 M1,200 M1,418 M1,538 M1,694 M1,858 M2,053 M2,315 M3,200 M
Gross operating profit5,108 M5,346 M5,508 M6,153 M6,666 M7,235 M7,866 M6,737 M8,480 M8,679 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense2,814 M3,013 M2,943 M3,178 M3,362 M3,639 M4,006 M3,832 M4,359 M4,520 M
Research & development expense861 M817 M876 M920 M997 M1,113 M1,174 M1,143 M1,204 M1,323 M
Operating income884 M902 M990 M1,319 M1,531 M1,659 M1,740 M684 M1,824 M2,033 M
floaterest income0000000000
floaterest expense0000000000
Other income net-789 M-1,200 M-1,361 M-914 M-375 M-1000000-612 M-405 M-412 M-424 M
Pre-tax Income (EBT)-223 M-509 M-650 M177 M933 M1,422 M687 M-79 M1,076 M1,141 M
Income taxes-102 M-390 M-411 M-170 M828 M-249 M-4,013 M2 M36 M443 M
Net income from total operations-121 M-119 M-239 M347 M104 M1,671 M4,700 M-82 M1,041 M698 M
Minority floaterest0000000000
Total net income-121 M-119 M-239 M347 M104 M1,671 M4,700 M-82 M1,041 M698 M
Preferred dividendsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A33 M55 M55 M
Net income available for common-121 M-119 M-239 M347 M104 M1,671 M4,700 M-115 M986 M643 M
Depreciation689 M725 M769 M815 M844 M894 M1,011 M1,123 M1,093 M803 M
Amortization410 M438 M495 M545 M565 M599 M699 M789 M741 M803 M
Operating income before depreciation (EBITDA)790 M432 M403 M1,225 M2,006 M2,557 M2,171 M1,405 M2,510 M2,414 M
Total Income available for floaterest expense (EBIT)0000000000
Basic EPS total0000.260.0803.38-0.080.690.45
Diluted EPS total0000.250.0803.33-0.080.690.45
Call: 1-877-778-8358
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