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Masco Corporation logo

Masco Corporation

Sector: Basic Materials   

Industry: Building Materials

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 15,659 M  90-day average vol: 1,957,317

Previous close: 70.16  Open: 70.08  Bid: 68.5  Ask: 73.05
52 week range    
AWI / 
Last updated: Tuesday 21st May 2024
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StockDividendMarket Cap (B)PEPrice ($)


1 B40.554.75


0.00975 B2995.63


0.012513 B17.489.25


0.01972 B7.567.12


0.01914 B20.488

MAS Income Statement

Amortization of intangibles840 M839 M832 M-47 M511 M509 M563 M568 M537 M604 M
Basic EPS from continuing operations2.421.041.491.682.382.213.051.633.654.03
Basic EPS total2.411.031.491.682.383.244.61.633.654.03
Basic weighted shares outstanding349 M338 M326 M314 M305 M287 M264 M249 M231 M225 M
Cost of sales4,946 M4,889 M4,901 M5,030 M4,327 M4,336 M4,601 M5,512 M5,967 M5,131 M
Depreciation132 M116 M124 M116 M156 M159 M133 M151 M145 M149 M
DepreciationAndAmortization132 M116 M124 M116 M156 M159 M133 M151 M145 M149 M
Diluted EPS total2.381.021.471.662.373.224.591.623.634.02
Diluted normalized net income/share2.391.031.471.662.372.23.041.623.634.02
Diluted weighted shares outstanding352 M341 M330 M318 M307 M288 M264 M251 M232 M226 M
Dividends paid per share0.350.370.390.410.450.510.550.711.121.14
Earnings from equity interest-2 M2 M1000000.03 M1000000.03 M11 M-6 M-1000000.0
EarningsFromEquityInterestNetOfTax-2 M2 M1000000.03 M1000000.03 M11 M-6 M-1000000.0
GainOnSaleOfBusiness298 M602 M-18 M-1000000.0
GainsLossOnDisposalOfDiscontinuedOperations327 M159 M-13 M-18 M-1000000.0
GeneralAndAdministrativeExpense1,347 M1,339 M1,403 M1,418 M1,250 M1,274 M1,292 M1,413 M1,390 M1,473 M
Gross operating profit2,060 M2,253 M2,456 M2,612 M2,327 M2,371 M2,587 M2,863 M2,713 M2,836 M
ImpairmentOfCapitalAssets1000000.045 M19 M
Income before tax507 M689 M830 M884 M907 M914 M1,131 M688 M1,193 M1,238 M
Income restructuring and M&A-40 M
Income taxes-361 M293 M296 M304 M221 M230 M269 M210 M288 M278 M
Interest income1000000.0
InterestExpenseNonOperating225 M225 M229 M278 M156 M159 M144 M278 M108 M106 M
InterestExpenseOperating-175 M-155 M-157 M-136 M-114 M-107 M-107 M
LossAndLossAdjustmentExpectedIncurred-3 M-1000000.0-5 M-7 M
MinorityInterests-47 M-39 M-43 M-47 M-50 M-45 M-52 M-68 M-61 M-52 M
MiscOtherSpecialCharges11 M15 M6 M-32 M-14 M-15 M-20 M-439 M4 M-4 M
Net income from total operations856 M355 M491 M533 M734 M935 M1,224 M410 M844 M908 M
NetIncomeCommonStockholders821 M357 M491 M533 M734 M935 M1,224 M410 M844 M908 M
NetIncomeContinuousOperations856 M355 M491 M533 M734 M935 M1,224 M410 M844 M908 M
NetIncomeDiscontinuousOperations-27 M-12 M-13 M98 M296 M414 M-18 M-1000000.0
NetNonOperatingInterestIncomeExpense-225 M-225 M-229 M-278 M-156 M-159 M-144 M-278 M-108 M-106 M
NonRecurringOperationExpense-9 M
Normalized income138 M448 M540 M575 M717 M433 M291 M953 M
Operating income721 M914 M1,053 M1,194 M1,077 M1,088 M1,295 M1,405 M1,297 M1,348 M
Operating income before depreciation (EBITDA)914 M1,067 M1,218 M1,139 M1,085 M1,087 M1,274 M1,003 M1,339 M1,386 M
OperatingExpense1,347 M1,339 M1,403 M1,418 M1,250 M1,274 M1,292 M1,413 M1,390 M1,473 M
Other income net-10 M-15 M-6 M32 M14 M24 M20 M484 M22 M19 M
OtherGainLossFromDispositionOfDiscontinuedOperations1,515 M-2 M98 M296 M414 M
OtherGandA1,347 M1,339 M1,403 M1,418 M1,250 M1,274 M1,292 M1,413 M1,390 M1,473 M
OtherImpairmentOfCapitalAssets1000000.09 M45 M26 M15 M
OtherOperatingExpenses-9 M-10 M-11 M-13 M-13 M-14 M-22 M-19 M-21 M-17 M
RentAndLandingFees63 M60 M63 M66 M63 M
RestructringAndMnAIncome-40 M
Revenue per share840 M839 M832 M-47 M511 M512 M566 M571 M540 M607 M
SalariesAndWages-16 M-14 M92 M84 M54 M64 M84 M492 M51 M78 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense1,347 M1,339 M1,403 M1,418 M1,250 M1,274 M1,292 M1,413 M1,390 M1,473 M
Special income/charges9 M-45 M-19 M40 M
Total Income available for interest expense (EBIT)732 M914 M1,059 M987 M908 M916 M1,139 M852 M1,194 M1,237 M
Total common shares outstanding350 M334 M320 M313 M294 M278 M257 M240 M225 M220 M
Total net income856 M355 M491 M533 M734 M935 M1,224 M410 M844 M908 M
Total ordinary shares220 M220 M220 M220 M220 M220 M220 M220 M220 M220 M
Total revenues7,006 M7,142 M7,357 M7,642 M6,654 M6,707 M7,188 M8,375 M8,680 M7,967 M
TotalExpenses6,293 M6,228 M6,304 M6,448 M5,577 M5,610 M5,893 M6,925 M7,357 M6,604 M
TotalRevenue7,006 M7,142 M7,357 M7,642 M6,654 M6,707 M7,188 M8,375 M8,680 M7,967 M
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