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Stock Quotes in Excel

Keep your sheets updated with live Stock Quotes in Excel. Streaming market data for stocks, ETFs, options, mutual funds, currencies refreshed or refresh on demand

Boy handling stock quotes in excel

What live stock quotes brings to you
with MarketXLS formulas

Live Stock Quotes in Excel

with formulas like = Ask("MSFT"), =Last("MSFT") and more.

stock quotes in Excel
500+ Custom Stock Functions to get accurate prices, fundamentals, historical fundamentals, key ratios, estimates, returns, MarketXLS calculated data points.

All-in-one solution for Investors

Earnings and Price estimates.
EFundamental key ratios.
EMany other fundamental indicators.
ETechnical Indicators with formula like =RelativeStrength("MSFT",14).

Lightening Fast Speed

Lightening Fast Refreshes of stock quotes in Excel.
Auto Refresh at every 1 or 5 minutes.
Real-time streaming with Ad-dons.
Handle 1500+ symbols in a sheets with 100s of data points.

Live Streaming

Stream real time prices*.
Excel cells change colors as prices move up or down.
Excel will not hang even if you stream 300 symbols at one go.

Software compatibility

No Workbook Limitations.
Any version of Excel (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & Office 365) supported.
Creates a new Menu and hundreds of custom formulas.

Reliable Data Sources

Multiple fail proof data sources.
Futures, Options, and Mutual funds available with Addons.
Custom indicators, Volume Averages, MarketXLS"s Calculated Price Analysis, Valuation models and more.

Frequently asked questions

How to add real time stock quotes in excel?
How do you automatically update stock prices in Excel?
What is the formula of live stock quotes in excel?
Can you get historical stock data in Excel?
How do I extract stock data in Excel?
Does MarketXLS provide an Excel function that returns historical adjusted close prices for stocks and ETFs, and is a Barchart data subscription required to use those functions?
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I am so happy you are here. My name is Ankur and I am the founder/CEO of MarketXLS. Over the past four years, I have helped more than 2500 customers to implement their own investment research strategies and monitoring systems in Excel.
Implement “your own” investment strategies in Excel with thousands of MarketXLS functions and starter sheets.
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