Penny Stock Investing (Risks, Rewards & Characteristics)

Penny Stock Investing

What is a Penny Stock Equity investments are known as “Penny Stocks” are one of the riskiest investments that investors can participate in. Penny stocks are any stock that trades outside of the major stock exchanges and trade at prices generally less than $10.00 per share. Even though Penny Stock Investing can be hugely profitable, …

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Mutual Funds Prices in Excel (With MarketXLS Addin)

The United States enjoy a massive mutual fund base. The availability of so many mutual fund investment opportunities, however, comes with the challenge of proper market analysis. Considering that past performances are no longer an indicator of improved dividends and capital gains in the future, mutual fund investors need to base their analysis on the …

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Time Value of Money (Excel Formula – Calculator)

Time Value of Money Formula Excel

Time value of money is the change in value or purchasing power of money with the time. In the period of inflation purchasing power of money is going down day by day. If we invest or deposit some money in the bank, then we receive a return or interest on such money. Such return or …

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