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Getting additional data

About the Data Addons

Depending on your needs, you can purchase the data add-ons relevant to you. For example, if you’re in the US, you can purchase the data add-ons for US real-time equities data, mutual funds EOD data, as well as real-time options data. Similarly, there are various data addons available for both delayed and real-time quotes for different markets and asset classes such as forex, equities, options, commodities, and more.

To get additional data you have to purchase a separate data plan according to your needs. Additional data includes Mutual Funds, Equities/ETFs, Futures/Commodities, and data from other countries.

This link shows all the additional data that is available for you to purchase: https://marketxls.com/quotemedia-plans/

Additional data

Symbol Help Guide for Purchased Data Plans: https://www.quotemedia.com/quotetools/symbolHelp/SymbolHelp_US_Version_Default.html