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Dividends schema

How To Track Dividend Yield Using MarketXLS Software?

Step 1: Go to the MarketXLS tab in the ribbon and hover over the search & help option. Type dividend yield in the search panel. You will notice a list containing an ample amount of functions related to the dividend yield along with their short descriptions like dividend yield, forward annual dividend yield, 5-year average dividend yield, dividend record date, etc. Search for the one you need.

Dividend in functions filter in Excel

Step 2: Now go to the cell, type the function chosen and select the ticker symbol. Press enter. Use flash fill to perform the same function for all the stocks. You will see the list of dividend yields of different stocks.

Dividend yield MSFT selected

Step 3: Similarly, you can also find out all the other dividend information related to stocks. Here I have also used the function of dividend payout ratio, according to my analysis requirement before investing in a stock.

Dividend payout ratio

With the help of MarketXLS, you can stream market data for stocks, ETFs, options, mutual funds, currencies refreshed, or refresh on-demand. You can find all the important fundamental ratios and analyses in a few clicks. You can also get all the historical data (EOD, Intraday) you may need with MarketXLS functions. Update the Excel tables dynamically and save your time in formatting those tables.