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Excel Tracker for Dividend Portfolio Monitoring

Written by admin
Thu Mar 09 2023
Excel Tracker for Dividend Portfolio Monitoring - MarketXLS
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Excel Tracker for Dividend Portfolio Monitoring - MarketXLS

Why do you need a dividend portfolio tracker?

A dividend portfolio tracker is a must-have tool for any investor who wants to grow their portfolio. It enables you to monitor and keep track of your investments, making informed decisions to maximize returns in the long term. With a dividend portfolio tracker, you can effortlessly track your dividend payments, the stocks paying them, and when they are due. You can compare different investment opportunities, monitor changes in dividend trends, and make sound investment decisions. Moreover, a dividend portfolio tracker provides transparency and reporting capabilities that help you make the most of your dividend investments.

What would a typical dividend portfolio tracker contain?

A typical dividend portfolio tracker would contain detailed information about dividend-paying stocks and other investments held in the user’s portfolio. It would include the date on which each dividend was paid out, the amount paid, and any applicable tax withholding or other deductions.  It would also provide detailed information about the stock’s yield, allowing the user to track dividend payments against the current stock price and cost basis. Finally, the portfolio tracker would enable the investor to set up alerts for when dividends are paid, allowing for timely reinvestment.

How can MarketXLS help?

MarketXLS is a powerful platform that helps investors, traders, and financial advisors make smarter decisions through stock analysis. It provides access to real-time, streaming financial data from various global exchanges, enabling users to analyze data, create alerts, and build custom dashboards. With MarketXLS, users can access historical data, check trends, and gain insights beyond what’s available through standard stock analysis. Its comprehensive range of features and user-friendly interface allows users to compare stocks, develop investment strategies and improve their portfolio management. With MarketXLS, users can optimize their dividend investments and increase their profits in a volatile market.

MarketXLS offers various functions to enhance your dividend portfolio tracking experience. Below are some of the functions that you can use to analyze your portfolio.

Function Title Function Example
Dividend Frequency =DividendFrequency(“MSFT”)
Dividend Pay Date (MM/DD/YYYY) =DividendPayDate(“MSFT”) – Returns the most recent dividend pay date for MSFT.
Dividend Payout Ratio =DividendPayoutRatio(“MSFT”)
Dividend Yield (Last Quarter) =hf_Dividend_Yield(“MSFT”,2021) – Returns the value for the year 2021.
=hf_Dividend_Yield(“MSFT”,2021,2) – Returns the value for the year 2021 and the calendar quarter 2
=hf_Dividend_Yield(“MSFT”,2021,3,”TTM”) – Returns the value for the year 2021 and trailing twelve months from the calendar quarter
=hf_Dividend_Yield(“MSFT”,”lq”) – Returns the value for the last quarter
=hf_Dividend_Yield(“MSFT”,”lq-1″) – Returns the value for the last quarter-1
=hf_Dividend_Yield(“MSFT”,”ly”) – Returns the value for the last year
=hf_Dividend_Yield(“MSFT”,”ly-1″) – Returns the value for the last year – 1
=hf_Dividend_Yield(“MSFT”,”lt”) – Returns the value for the last 12 months.
=hf_Dividend_Yield(“MSFT”,”lt-1″) – Returns the value for the previous last 12 months.

Use AI driven search for all functions on MarketXLS here: https://marketxls.com/functions

Below is a video demonstration on how to use a dividend portfolio tracker with MarketXLS functions. Click on the image to watch the video and learn how to effectively track your dividend investments.

Download from the link below, a sample spreadsheet created with MarketXLS Spreadsheet builder

Note this spreadsheet will pull latest data if you have MarketXLS installed. If you do not have MarketXLS consider subscribing here


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