Historical Stock Data in Excel

Historical Stock Data in Excel

  • Import Professional-grade Historical Stock quotes/Currency data in Excel
  • Nicely designed user interface to get data easily
  • History to 1996, reliable data source
  • Get data for multiple stocks and indices together
  • Nicely formatted data
  • Get Minute by Minute data updates
  • All US and Canadian securities
  • Data includes open, high, low, close, adjusted-close, volume, dividends & splits
  • Use Excel functions to get historical pricing for stocks/indices/currencies on any specific dates
  • Data includes dividends, splits, pricing and adjustments history
  • All major and minor currency pairs are included
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Download Historical Stock Data in Excel

Our stock prices data comes from reputed and reliable sources. The data can be downloaded with a few clicks using the MarketXLS user interface and it can also be accessed with easy to use Excel formulas like =close_historical("GOOG", Today()-30) . Historical data formulas are also available to get historical pricing of indices as well as easier comparison between individual stocks, sector indices, and other economic indicators.

Historical Stock Data in Excel<

Historical Stock Data in Excel< >Historical Stock Data in Excel

Historical Stock Data in Excel

Import Historical Stock Prices with Excel Formulas

Apart from the menu system, you can also use MarketXLS functions like =close_historical("MSFT",Today()-1) to get the closing price of any symbol on any day. This example gets the close price of MSFT yesterday (Today()-1). You may also use a specific date in history and get the value.

Just like =close_historical, there are many other functions to get Open Price, High Price, Low Price and Volume.

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MarketXLS has everything you would need as an investor to manage all your stock portfolio needs within Excel. The add-in is designed to fit right within your workflow and provides you the required data the way you want it. You can plug this data in your financial models or portfolio spreadsheets and the data will refresh automatically keeping your numbers current and up to date.

Other than historical stock data in excel, the add-in also provides live and delayed data for stock quotes, futures, options, ETFs, and currency quotes. The add-in also provides all the fundamental and technical data for the stocks including balance sheet, income statement, and cashflow metrics and hundreds of technical indicators and stock charts.

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