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MarketXLS New Release Version 9.3.2

August 30, 2021
New Version

1. New Mutual Fund Data

We have acquired new mutual fund data which means that all functions that rely on historical pricing and calculations like close historicals, “x_day high”, stock return, YTD return, moving averages, etc. will immediately start working for mutual funds. 

The portfolio analytics and management module have immediately started supporting mutual funds in your portfolio.

Mutual Fund Data will be updated every morning at 1 am EST. 


2) Updates to the Credentials Saving Mechanism

We have made some updates to the MarketXLS credentials settings. Our engineers have worked on it so it saves your credentials and you won’t have to input them repeatedly. If you had any problem with losing the settings form, they should all be fixed. Thank you for your continuous support and patience.  


3) Cash Component in Portfolio Analysis Module

We have updated our portfolio analysis module so that cash can be one of the components of your portfolio. All analytics around the portfolio management module can now accommodate any liquid cash component. 

Please use the keyword “LiquidCash” as one of the components while creating the portfolio. Refer to the image below.  

Portfolio Analysis

4) Office Hours 

To make sure you are comfortable using the MarketXLS functions efficiently, we will be hosting daily office hours Monday to Friday from 1 pm 2 pm EST. Feel free to join and bring any of your questions. Our MarketXLS team will be available to answer all your questions.

Here is the link to office hours zoom meetings: 

 Join Office Hours Here

Meeting ID: 843 0134 8957

Passcode: 181490

Office Hours

See how MarketXLS helps you take advantage in the markets.

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