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Industry: Banks - Regional - US

Optionable:   Market Cap: 0 M  90-day average vol: 0

Previous close:   Open:   Bid:   Ask:
52 week range    
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KEY / 
BAC / 
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Last updated: Monday 11th December 2023

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StockDividendMarket Cap (B)PEPrice ($)


0.0173405 B1348.51


0.02119 B20.9142.35


0.039222 B16.515.83


0.0262445 B9.7153.07


0.029524 B9.526.41


0.03033 B1118.48


0.023888 B16.2209.7


0.027822 B9.324.47


0.0178216 B12.757.33


0.03622 B10.136.48

CMA Income Statement

AccruedPreferredStockDividends13 M23 M23 M
Amortization5 M
Basic EPS from continuing operations2.923.282.932.744.237.317.953.298.458.56
Basic EPS total2.923.282.932.744.237.317.953.298.458.56
Basic weighted shares outstanding183 M179 M176 M172 M174 M168 M150 M139 M135 M131 M
CreditLossesProvision172 M27 M147 M248 M74 M1000000.074 M537 M384 M60 M
Depletion148 M7 M365 M
Depreciation-122 M-123 M-118 M-121 M-121 M-120 M114 M108 M99 M
Depreciation unreconciled148 M5 M7 M365 M
DepreciationAndAmortization-122 M-123 M-118 M-121 M5 M-120 M114 M108 M99 M
DevelopmentExpense148 M154 M
Diluted EPS total2.853.162.842.684.147.27.873.278.358.47
Diluted normalized net income/share2.853.162.842.684.147.27.873.278.358.47
Diluted weighted shares outstanding187 M185 M181 M177 M178 M171 M151 M140 M137 M133 M
Dividends paid per share0.680.790.830.891.091.842.682.722.722.72
Equipment60 M57 M53 M53 M45 M48 M50 M49 M55 M50 M
FeesAndCommissions476 M504 M703 M731 M23 M27 M28 M21 M14 M869 M
GeneralAndAdministrativeExpense179 M173 M160 M135 M84 M88 M23 M33 M22 M-1,239 M
ImpairmentOfCapitalAssets398 M
Income before tax685 M896 M633 M570 M1,087 M1,258 M1,889 M1,033 M1,194 M1,476 M
Income restructuring and M&A93 M45 M53 M
Income taxes278 M310 M266 M251 M542 M342 M334 M124 M322 M325 M
InsuranceAndClaims179 M173 M160 M135 M84 M88 M23 M33 M22 M31 M
Interest expense112 M95 M95 M112 M121 M267 M468 M182 M57 M206 M
InterestExpenseForCapitalizedLeaseObligations8 M64 M378 M65 M68 M
InterestExpenseForDeposit55 M45 M43 M40 M42 M122 M262 M101 M22 M102 M
InterestExpenseForLongTermDebt57 M50 M52 M72 M76 M144 M197 M80 M35 M87 M
InterestExpenseForLongTermDebtAndCapitalSecurities65 M50 M52 M72 M76 M144 M197 M458 M35 M87 M
InterestExpenseForShortTermDebt126 M3 M1000000.09 M1000000.0-17 M
InterestIncome1,784 M1,750 M1,784 M1,909 M2,182 M2,619 M2,807 M2,093 M1,901 M2,672 M
InterestIncomeAfterProvisionForLoanLoss1,500 M1,628 M1,542 M1,549 M1,987 M2,352 M2,265 M1,374 M1,460 M2,406 M
InterestIncomeFromInvestmentSecurities214 M211 M216 M247 M250 M265 M297 M291 M280 M414 M
InterestIncomeFromLoans1,556 M1,525 M1,551 M1,635 M1,872 M2,262 M2,439 M1,773 M1,594 M2,153 M
InterestIncomeFromLoansAndLease1,556 M1,525 M1,551 M1,635 M1,872 M2,262 M2,439 M1,773 M1,594 M2,153 M
InterestIncomeFromSecurities214 M211 M216 M247 M250 M265 M297 M291 M280 M519 M
MarketingExpense143 M
MinorityInterests7,327 M8,050 M7,897 M5,181 M
Net income from total operations541 M593 M521 M477 M743 M1,235 M1,191 M482 M1,140 M1,122 M
NetIncomeCommonStockholders407 M443 M367 M319 M545 M916 M1,191 M482 M1,140 M1,122 M
NetIncomeContinuousOperations541 M593 M521 M477 M743 M1,235 M1,191 M482 M1,140 M1,122 M
NetInterestIncome1,672 M1,655 M1,689 M1,797 M2,061 M2,353 M2,339 M1,911 M1,844 M2,466 M
NetOccupancyExpense160 M171 M159 M157 M154 M152 M154 M156 M161 M175 M
NonInterestExpense1,722 M1,626 M1,827 M1,930 M1,860 M1,794 M1,743 M1,754 M1,861 M1,998 M
NonInterestIncome882 M868 M1,035 M1,051 M1,107 M976 M1,010 M1,001 M1,123 M1,068 M
NonRecurringOperationExpense2 M
Normalized income325 M870 M
OccupancyAndEquipment220 M228 M212 M210 M199 M200 M204 M205 M216 M225 M
Other special charges7 M-992 M-618 M-661 M
OtherCustomerServices74 M92 M276 M303 M15 M17 M
OtherGandA179 M173 M160 M135 M84 M88 M23 M33 M22 M-1,239 M
OtherInterestExpense-112 M-95 M-95 M-112 M193 M309 M-2,339 M-1,911 M-1,844 M-2,466 M
OtherInterestIncome14 M14 M17 M27 M60 M92 M71 M29 M27 M105 M
OtherNonInterestExpense261 M221 M385 M456 M492 M380 M-300 M-330 M-382 M-496 M
OtherNonInterestIncome407 M324 M294 M283 M1,039 M921 M945 M913 M1,010 M22 M
OtherunderPreferredStockDividend13 M23 M23 M
PreferredStockDividends13 M23 M23 M
ProfessionalExpenseAndContractServicesExpense15 M17 M14 M17 M
PromotionAndAdvertising21 M23 M24 M21 M28 M30 M34 M35 M35 M38 M
RentAndLandingFees-78 M-89 M-79 M-80 M-78 M-75 M
Research & development expense148 M154 M
SalariesAndWages1,009 M980 M1,009 M961 M961 M1,009 M1,020 M1,019 M1,133 M1,208 M
SecuritiesActivities2 M2 M2 M5 M5 M21 M1000000.0
SecuritiesAmortization2 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense1,209 M1,176 M1,193 M1,117 M1,073 M1,127 M1,077 M1,087 M1,190 M-1,277 M
SellingAndMarketingExpense21 M23 M24 M21 M28 M30 M34 M35 M35 M-38 M
SellingExpense5 M356 M
ServiceChargeOnDepositorAccounts385 M395 M410 M409 M425 M
Special income/charges-261 M-221 M-385 M-549 M-537 M-433 M-105 M328 M382 M328 M
Total common shares outstanding182 M178 M175 M176 M173 M159 M141 M139 M131 M131 M
Total net income541 M593 M521 M477 M743 M1,235 M1,191 M482 M1,140 M1,122 M
Total ordinary shares132 M132 M132 M132 M132 M132 M132 M132 M132 M132 M
Total revenues2,554 M2,523 M2,724 M2,848 M3,168 M3,329 M3,349 M2,912 M2,967 M3,534 M
TotalRevenue2,554 M2,523 M2,724 M2,848 M3,168 M3,329 M3,349 M2,912 M2,967 M3,534 M
TrustFeesbyCommissions17 M17 M17 M19 M23 M27 M28 M21 M14 M233 M
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