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Perform Technical Analysis (Template)

Technical Analysis is a method for estimating the direction and trend of prices of different stocks by studying historical prices, volumes, charts, and various technical indicators. So, in technical analysis, you are only concerned about past market data, prices, and volumes.

MarketXLS provides a ready-to-use template for evaluating the stock based on technical indicators.

Timeliness means that the stocks which the user enters in our template would be ranked according to their expected performance.

Thus in this template, we have ranked stocks based on the SMA & RSI.

Thus, the primary rationale for using the template would be to assess the trend of the stock by using past price data and other indicators.

tock by using past price data and other indicators.

Technical Analysis - Result summary

You have to enter Stock Tickr in cells E7, E9, E11, and E13 of this sheet.

We have taken the following stocks in this example:

The result and analysis made by the template based on calculations would appear on this sheet itself beside your stock ticker inputs.

For detailed analysis, you will have to switch to the ‘Calculations’ worksheet.


This section of the sheet calculates the score of the stocks based on multiple factors, and the result can be determined based on this score.