Stock Market Data in Google Sheets with MarketXLS

Do not use Excel on Windows? Try our Google Sheets App

The main MarketXLS app works best with a Windows based machine with Excel on the top of it. However, we realize many of us do not use Windows. So, we turned MarketXLS into a google Spreadsheet app to provide the similar functionality in Google Sheets with MarketXLS.

So, the way it works is that we use own own API here, to call MarketXLS functions in Google sheets. We also utilize Google's own scripts to properly cache the data so that your sheets do not slow down when you are using MarketXLS on the web.

See screenshots below.


So, how does it work?

MarketXLS google app uses MarketXLS API to deliver data to your google sheets. So, when you purchase our API from here you will receieve a key and the link to MarketXLS google sheets app within 24 hours. Then all you would do is input the API within a form in the app and you can start using the functions. 

What data is available using Google sheets addon. 

Everything that is accessible through our API here. 

Okay, got it. How do I get it?

Just buy the API key from this page.

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