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American Electric Power Company Inc. logo

American Electric Power Company Inc.


Utilities - Regulated Electric

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 47,635 M  90-day average vol: 3,046,187

Previous close: 93.07  Open: 92.93  Bid: 93.92  Ask: 93.92
52 week range    
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PPL / 
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D / 
NRG / 
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Last updated: Tuesday 31st January 2023
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AEP Income Statement

Total revenues14,945 M14,814 M16,379 M16,453 M16,380 M15,425 M16,196 M15,561 M14,919 M16,792 M
Cost of sales4,341 M4,749 M5,500 M5,134 M4,753 M4,202 M4,520 M3,354 M2,249 M3,321 M
Gross operating profit8,067 M8,242 M8,792 M9,040 M9,356 M8,867 M9,007 M9,192 M9,457 M10,057 M
Selling Gen & administrative expenseN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Research & development expense0000000000
Operating income2,956 M3,049 M3,127 M3,334 M3,432 M3,386 M2,753 M2,749 M2,988 M3,423 M
floaterest income0000000000
floaterest expense0000000000
Other income net-154 M-123 M136 M155 M-2,095 M326 M205 M159 M324 M288 M
Pre-tax Income (EBT)1,822 M2,093 M2,403 M2,623 M476 M2,816 M1,974 M1,835 M2,146 M2,512 M
Income taxes604 M678 M903 M920 M-74 M970 M115 M-13 M41 M116 M
Net income from total operations1,262 M1,484 M1,638 M2,052 M618 M1,929 M1,931 M1,920 M2,197 M2,488 M
Minority floaterest0000000000
Total net income1,259 M1,481 M1,634 M2,047 M611 M1,913 M1,924 M1,921 M2,200 M2,488 M
Preferred dividendsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Net income available for common1,262 M1,474 M1,591 M1,769 M621 M1,929 M1,931 M1,920 M2,197 M2,488 M
Depreciation1,918 M1,843 M2,042 M2,155 M2,091 M2,126 M2,400 M2,740 M2,907 M3,046 M
Operating income before depreciation (EBITDA)4,728 M4,826 M5,313 M5,652 M3,444 M5,838 M5,358 M5,647 M6,219 M6,757 M
Total Income available for floaterest expense (EBIT)0000000000
Basic EPS total2.63.043.344.171.243.893.93.894.444.97
Diluted EPS total2.63.043.344.171.243.883.93.884.424.96
Call: 1-877-778-8358
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