Utilities and Apps

Utilities and Apps
Ever growing collection of utilities and apps to save you time and get you what you need while researching stocks with ease

Market News Channels
Proprietry news channels and market summary within MarketXLS from in Excel

Useful Collection of Lists
Ever updating symbol lists for various exchanges at click of a button

Symbol Lookup
Find ticker symbol by text, keyword, industry or name of company

Market Movers
Top 100 gainers, losers, and most busy stocks in NYSE, NYSE Market and NASDAQ

Dividend History
Get dividend history of any US stock at click of a button

Option Chains
Get option chain pricing for any symbol and live option prices with formulas like =Option_Last_Price(“Symbol”)

Earnings By Date
Get all the earnings reported on a specefic date

Upcoming Ex-Dividend Dates Screener 
Quickly get a list of stocks and their dividend yield that are closing in on their ex-dividend dates in coming days. 

Download Overbought and Oversold stocks
We run scripts on whole of he US Markets on a Daily basis. Click a few buttons to download filtered list of stocks

Advanced Charts Customizer
Use our custom charts and customizers to make charts like below. 

Share your Excel cells, models, charts onTwitter and Stocktwits with our in-built powerful and fast Social Integration features.

Daily Returns Range profile from https://t.co/b2mTOgCub9 for $NFLX $BAC $GNC $JNJ $VRX pic.twitter.com/sWSXNlKke4— Insights @ MarketXLS (@MarketXLS_Alert) April 18, 2017

Price History for $GS $NFLX $JNJ $UNH $GWW Interactive chart at https://t.co/b2mTOgCub9 pic.twitter.com/4UH9qvXqmI— Insights @ MarketXLS (@MarketXLS_Alert) April 18, 2017

$LRCX $ADS $CSX $COL $GPS $SNA $AN $ISRG $WRK $NAVI $DGX $RHI $NUE $SWK $BBYHightest 7 day returns— Marketxls.com (@marketxls) Apr. 23 at 04:47 PM

$MSFT $AAPL $GOOG $lTWTR $FB $ORCL Dupont Analysis. Template available at https://marketxls.ccom— Marketxls.com (@marketxls) Apr. 17 at 11:06 PM

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