ETF and Mutual Fund annualized returns and expense ratios

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ETF and Mutual Fund annualized returns and expense ratios

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    Sep 29, 2017
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    I was pleased to find MarketXLS on the web. The large number of functions is great!

    After viewing the excel download listing all of the PRO functions (including new ones in 2017-08), there are some ETF and Mutual-Fund functions I’m looking for:
    • Expense ratio (this was also requested in another thread)
    • Last month annualized return
    • Last quarter annualize return
    • YTD annualized return (there is MF_YTDReturn, but not an equivalent for ETFs)
    • Last 1 year annualized return
    • Last 3 years annualized return
    • Last 5 years annualized return
    • Last 10 years annualized return
    • Since inception annualized return
    • Using custom dates to compute the annualized return would be good too
    I want to build Mutual Fund and ETF spreadsheets across several asset classes. This will allow to do general comparisons across funds. The expense ratio, and the various annualized returns over the years are key to the comparisons that I want to do.

    Are there plans to add the above ETF and Mutual Fund functions?


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