Option Bid should not be identical to stock Bid

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Option Bid should not be identical to stock Bid

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    Sep 15, 2017
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    First of all, there is no such thing as Option Bid or Ask. There are options call bid/ask and put bid/ask on particular strike price or contract that's in which should not be identical to stock bid/ask.

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    Hi, Yes,

    That's correct, =Bid will be different if you use a stock symbol or an option symbol. =Option_bid was made just to identify it as a function to get Bid price of an option at a strike price (and to put it in the different section for option pricing). Sometimes, we need to use different code to get the option Bid/Ask to that of Stock Bid/Ask so they are kept separate.

    Please use Option chain feature, in Utilities to get all options for a stock with various strike prices. You should then be able to use =Option_Bid, or just =Bid by referring to Option symbol.

    Let me know if it clarifies.

    Kind regards

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