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Upgrade MarketXLS

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    MarketXLS offers yearly subscriptions for all its plans. Once you have subscribed, you are free to upgrade to any higher plan based on your requirements. This article describes how upgrades work for MarketXLS subscription plans.

    Plans offered
    We currently offer 4 plans, namely Core, Basic, Advanced, and Pro. All plans are for personal and commercial use.

    Possible Upgrades
    You can upgrade to a higher plan anytime during your subscription period. For example, if you have Basic license for Personal Edition, you can upgrade to Advanced/ Pro of Personal Edition, or for any Commercial Edition plan. You can, however, not downgrade to Core license for Personal Edition.

    Change in Subscription plan
    Changing your subscription plan results in protation. Let’s say you subscribed to Basic Personal Edition license on 1st February 2017. On 1st June, 2017 you decide to upgrade to Advanced Personal Edition license. The upgrade will work as follows:
    • Since you used the Basic Personal Edition for four months (1st Feb 2017 to 1st June 2017), you will be charged on a pro rata basis only (for the period you used the Basic license (4 months)). After that, we will issue a refund of the value of remaining period. So, if you purchase the license for, say, $120 (after all discounts), we will issue a refund of $80 (8/12) on a pro rata basis to you.
    • We will create a new subscription for the new plan (Advanced Personal Edition) which will be effective from the date of the upgrade (in this example, from 1st June 2017).
    • The upgrade is done directly from within the software.

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