Consensus Cloud Solutions Inc

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Software Publishers

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 969 M  90-day average vol: 76,786

Previous close: 49.01  Open: 49.79  Bid:   Ask:
52 week range    
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Last updated: Monday 23rd May 2022
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StockDividendMarket Cap (B)PEPrice ($)





2 B-19.431.02
Trendlast: -2.898

Last PriceTrend_MinTrendTrend_MaxSignalSMA 50SMA 200
54.8298-8.442-2.8988.535   Declining Trend54.8354.83

CCSIForward 2048.78   Declining Trend-2.89865709
CCSIForward 1948.78   Declining Trend-2.2465709
CCSIForward 1848.78   Declining Trend-0.9765709
CCSIForward 1748.78   Declining Trend-1.19665709
CCSIForward 1648.78   Declining Trend-1.70965709
CCSIForward 1548.78   Declining Trend-3.24565709
CCSIForward 1448.78   Declining Trend-3.95765709
CCSIForward 1348.78   Declining Trend-4.9965709
CCSIForward 1248.78   Declining Trend-4.12565709
CCSIForward 1148.78   Declining Trend-4.40265709
CCSIForward 1048.78   Declining Trend-4.19365709
CCSIForward 948.78   Declining Trend-4.13365709
CCSIForward 848.78   Declining Trend-3.40765709
CCSIForward 748.78   Declining Trend-3.40165709
CCSIForward 648.78   Declining Trend-3.28865709
CCSIForward 548.78   Declining Trend-2.74565709
CCSIForward 448.78   Declining Trend-3.09865709
CCSIForward 348.78   Declining Trend-3.10665709
CCSIForward 248.78   Declining Trend-3.74365709
CCSIForward 148.78   Declining Trend-3.60365709
CCSI2022-05-2048.78   Declining Trend-3.92165709
CCSI2022-05-1949.01   Declining Trend-3.619101884
CCSI2022-05-1847.78   Declining Trend-3.54986961
CCSI2022-05-1748.47   Declining Trend-2.92887915
CCSI2022-05-1647.1   Declining Trend-4.79254348
CCSI2022-05-1347.95   Declining Trend-6.23156110
CCSI2022-05-1245.7   Declining Trend-8.17693439
CCSI2022-05-1145.14   Declining Trend-8.44267157
CCSI2022-05-1049.17   Declining Trend-4.67984686
CCSI2022-05-0949.51   Declining Trend-4.43680785
CCSI2022-05-0652.01   Declining Trend-2.62290424
CCSI2022-05-0553.44   Declining Trend-1.51361111
CCSI2022-05-0455.22   Rising Trend0.40958858
CCSI2022-05-0353.28   Declining Trend-0.39253775
CCSI2022-05-0254.03   Rising Trend0.43489725
CCSI2022-04-2952.72   Declining Trend-0.66161147
CCSI2022-04-2856.38   Rising Trend1.09266752
CCSI2022-04-2754.43   Declining Trend-0.87979962
CCSI2022-04-2654.57   Declining Trend-0.97950391
CCSI2022-04-2557.11   Declining Trend-0.31648529
CCSI2022-04-2253.88   Declining Trend-2.07863804
CCSI2022-04-2156.46   Declining Trend-0.43873626
CCSI2022-04-2057.58   Rising Trend1.30651433
CCSI2022-04-1958.7   Rising Trend2.66260406
CCSI2022-04-1857.91   Rising Trend1.49270722
CCSI2022-04-1456.84   Declining Trend-0.70647012
CCSI2022-04-1357.22   Declining Trend-0.73463381
CCSI2022-04-1252.98   Declining Trend-2.71780469
CCSI2022-04-1152.13   Declining Trend-2.59162257
CCSI2022-04-0852.66   Declining Trend-2.14269603
CCSI2022-04-0754.86   Declining Trend-1.39695752
CCSI2022-04-0655.74   Declining Trend-0.35485564
CCSI2022-04-0559.34   Rising Trend3.605126585
CCSI2022-04-0457.86   Rising Trend1.9864818
CCSI2022-04-0160.01   Rising Trend4.26997004
CCSI2022-03-3160.13   Rising Trend3.96591887
CCSI2022-03-3060.28   Rising Trend3.98663380
CCSI2022-03-2960.96   Rising Trend4.109104037
CCSI2022-03-2859.95   Rising Trend3.07754096
CCSI2022-03-2558.53   Rising Trend1.62352200
CCSI2022-03-2457.89   Rising Trend1.26132783
CCSI2022-03-2358.97   Rising Trend1.14443309
CCSI2022-03-2259.66   Rising Trend6.21354428
CCSI2022-03-2159.65   Rising Trend6.20542711
CCSI2022-03-1860.18   Rising Trend7.567244252
CCSI2022-03-1760.7   Rising Trend6.6463679
CCSI2022-03-1658.27   Rising Trend5.22768448
CCSI2022-03-1555.54   Rising Trend3.95778239
CCSI2022-03-1454.11   Rising Trend2.84967932
CCSI2022-03-1156.22   Rising Trend4.30677866
CCSI2022-03-1059.55   Rising Trend6.7675050
CCSI2022-03-0960.5   Rising Trend8.08295430
CCSI2022-03-0860.46   Rising Trend8.22395930
CCSI2022-03-0760.0   Rising Trend8.114143925
CCSI2022-03-0459.52   Rising Trend8.069106253
CCSI2022-03-0359.73   Rising Trend8.535117350
CCSI2022-03-0257.5   Rising Trend6.49574648
CCSI2022-03-0154.78   Rising Trend4.035103577
CCSI2022-02-2855.66   Rising Trend4.976108150
CCSI2022-02-2554.77   Rising Trend2.87456306
CCSI2022-02-2454.29   Rising Trend2.24680539
CCSI2022-02-2353.37   Rising Trend0.7560193
CCSI2022-02-2253.64   Rising Trend5.35159320
CCSI2022-02-1855.96   Rising Trend5.72558772
CCSI2022-02-1757.49   Rising Trend8.07241140
CCSI2022-02-1658.21   Rising Trend8.13578800
CCSI2022-02-1560.78   Rising Trend9.951125706
CCSI2022-02-1460.61   Rising Trend9.81853508
CCSI2022-02-1158.77   Rising Trend8.45158343
CCSI2022-02-1059.77   Rising Trend9.065640
CCSI2022-02-0962.0   Rising Trend10.26458146
CCSI2022-02-0861.79   Rising Trend10.53493075
CCSI2022-02-0756.25   Rising Trend5.19383062
CCSI2022-02-0455.32   Rising Trend5.66347693
CCSI2022-02-0353.38   Rising Trend5.29864031
CCSI2022-02-0255.97   Rising Trend6.54368284
CCSI2022-02-0157.4   Rising Trend7.67461792
CCSI2022-01-3156.7   Rising Trend6.77891705
CCSI2022-01-2855.24   Rising Trend5.66966655
CCSI2022-01-2753.38   Rising Trend3.911102330
CCSI2022-01-2655.19   Rising Trend4.76589718
CCSI2022-01-2555.95   Rising Trend5.60181338
CCSI2022-01-2457.66   Rising Trend14.711107751
CCSI2022-01-2156.64   Rising Trend11.314101514
CCSI2022-01-2058.43   Rising Trend13.74662123
CCSI2022-01-1958.38   Rising Trend12.28885129
CCSI2022-01-1857.64   Rising Trend9.75373622
CCSI2022-01-1459.12   Rising Trend8.19152555
CCSI2022-01-1358.49   Rising Trend9.88657334
CCSI2022-01-1259.23   Rising Trend14.35859278
CCSI2022-01-1159.53   Rising Trend5.67341505
CCSI2022-01-1058.07   Rising Trend99.47655539
CCSI2022-01-0756.8   Rising Trend97.72563816
CCSI2022-01-0656.56   Rising Trend100.13750699
CCSI2022-01-0556.06   Rising Trend101.14660476
CCSI2022-01-0457.95   Rising Trend102.47972044
CCSI2022-01-0358.93   Rising Trend104.152140096
CCSI2021-12-3157.87   Rising Trend102.55153276
CCSI2021-12-3058.78   Rising Trend102.991103020
CCSI2021-12-2958.19   Rising Trend102.31944122
CCSI2021-12-2859.17   Rising Trend101.74552296

CCSI Income Statement


Total revenues662 M331 M353 M
Cost of sales63 M-26 M6 M
Gross operating profit517 M277 M294 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense256 M74 M112 M
Research & development expense24 M7 M8 M
Operating income238 M197 M175 M
floaterest income000
floaterest expense000
Other income net-1 M32 M160000
Pre-tax Income (EBT)193 M152 M161 M
Income taxes-20 M30 M40 M
Net income from total operations213 M153 M109 M
Minority floaterest000
Total net income213 M153 M109 M
Preferred dividendsN/AN/AN/A
Net income available for common213 M122 M121 M
Depreciation81 M80 M52 M
Operating income before depreciation (EBITDA)317 M308 M227 M
Total Income available for floaterest expense (EBIT)000
Basic EPS total10.627.625.46
Diluted EPS total10.627.625.44

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