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Sun Life Financial Inc. logo

Sun Life Financial Inc.

Sector: Financial Services   

Industry: Insurance - Diversified

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 29,615 M  90-day average vol: 542,742

Previous close: 50.37  Open: 50.16  Bid: 48.7  Ask: 50.47
52 week range    
MFC / 
AEG / 
Last updated: Friday 22nd September 2023

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StockDividendMarket Cap (B)PEPrice ($)





0.049941 B7.820.96




0.01158 B4.569.69

SLF Income Statement

Amortization59 M72 M83 M109 M112 M119 M137 M156 M193 M287 M
Basic EPS from continuing operations2.812.883.574.053.514.164.454.116.725.22
Basic EPS total1.562.883.574.053.514.164.454.116.725.22
Basic weighted shares outstanding604 M611 M612 M613 M613 M606 M588 M585 M586 M586 M
CededPremiums-5,433 M-5,503 M-6,429 M-4,379 M-4,557 M-2,339 M-2,392 M-2,452 M-2,453 M2,297 M
CommissionExpenses-2,909 M
Depreciation64 M78 M83 M94 M97 M107 M241 M250 M245 M241 M
DepreciationAndAmortization123 M150 M166 M203 M209 M226 M378 M406 M438 M528 M
Diluted EPS total1.552.863.554.033.494.144.454.16.695.21
Diluted normalized net income/share2.782.863.554.033.494.144.454.16.695.21
Diluted weighted shares outstanding614 M619 M618 M619 M618 M611 M588 M589 M590 M589 M
Dividends paid per share1.441.441.511.621.751.912.12.22.312.76
FeeRevenueAndOtherIncome3,716 M4,453 M5,324 M5,580 M5,842 M5,966 M6,251 M7,432 M8,545 M8,046 M
FeesAndCommissions3,716 M4,453 M5,324 M5,580 M5,842 M5,966 M6,251 M6,950 M8,002 M8,046 M
GeneralAndAdministrativeExpense2,372 M2,624 M2,841 M3,394 M3,672 M3,707 M4,090 M4,445 M5,102 M1,152 M
GrossPremiumsWritten15,072 M15,499 M16,824 M19,427 M19,838 M20,981 M22,680 M26,190 M25,506 M29,160 M
ImpairmentOfCapitalAssets3 M4 M15 M11 M9 M188 M
Income before tax2,092 M2,373 M2,899 M3,445 M2,789 M3,511 M3,233 M3,287 M5,097 M48,059 M
Income taxes283 M491 M599 M619 M302 M597 M286 M495 M727 M621 M
Interest expense353 M336 M322 M316 M303 M305 M333 M355 M327 M445 M
InterestIncome4,594 M4,941 M5,288 M5,489 M5,413 M5,641 M5,855 M5,465 M5,308 M5,619 M
MinorityInterests4 M11 M-56 M
Net income from total operations1,055 M1,882 M2,300 M2,826 M2,487 M2,914 M2,943 M2,781 M4,370 M47,266 M
NetIncomeCommonStockholders942 M1,762 M2,185 M2,485 M2,149 M2,522 M2,618 M2,404 M3,934 M47,196 M
NetIncomeContinuousOperations1,809 M1,882 M2,300 M2,826 M2,487 M2,914 M2,947 M2,792 M4,370 M47,438 M
NetIncomeDiscontinuousOperations-754 M
NetInvestmentIncome-4,220 M6,172 M-1,961 M2,233 M2,603 M-3,373 M7,118 M6,269 M-944 M23,138 M
NetPremiumsWritten-9,639 M-9,996 M-10,395 M-15,048 M-15,281 M-18,642 M-20,288 M-23,738 M-23,053 M-26,863 M
NetRealizedGainLossOnInvestments20 M
Normalized income1,548 M1,747 M2,135 M2,532 M2,050 M2,581 M2,391 M2,427 M3,755 M34,362 M
Operating income43,748 M
Other income net551 M543 M-2,815 M
Other special charges-1,149 M
OtherGandA2,372 M2,624 M2,841 M3,394 M3,672 M3,707 M4,090 M4,445 M5,102 M1,152 M
OtherunderPreferredStockDividend118 M111 M100 M96 M93 M94 M95 M94 M101 M70 M
PolicyholderBenefitsCeded5,352 M5,398 M6,651 M4,180 M3,552 M1,924 M2,159 M2,080 M2,274 M-2,067 M
PolicyholderDividends1,828 M1,378 M1,632 M
PolicyholderInterest154 M1,666 M
PreferredStockDividends118 M111 M100 M96 M93 M94 M95 M94 M101 M70 M
SalariesAndWages2,372 M2,624 M2,841 M3,394 M3,672 M3,707 M4,090 M4,445 M5,102 M5,107 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense2,372 M2,624 M2,841 M3,394 M3,672 M3,707 M4,090 M4,445 M5,102 M-1,757 M
Special income/charges-3 M-4 M-15 M-11 M-9 M-961 M
Total common shares outstanding607 M612 M611 M613 M611 M603 M588 M585 M586 M586 M
Total net income1,055 M1,882 M2,300 M2,826 M2,487 M2,914 M2,943 M2,781 M4,370 M47,266 M
Total ordinary shares587 M587 M587 M587 M587 M587 M587 M587 M587 M587 M
TotalExpenses-11,782 M-23,391 M-16,375 M-25,128 M-26,545 M-23,486 M-36,446 M-40,119 M-30,593 M-14,979 M
TotalPremiumsEarned9,639 M9,996 M10,395 M15,048 M15,281 M18,642 M20,288 M23,738 M23,053 M26,863 M
TotalRevenue13,874 M25,764 M19,274 M28,573 M29,334 M26,997 M39,679 M43,406 M35,690 M58,727 M
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