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Streamline Your Dividend Tracking with a Spreadsheet Calendar

Written by admin
Fri Mar 10 2023
Streamline Your Dividend Tracking with a Spreadsheet Calendar - MarketXLS
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Streamline Your Dividend Tracking with a Spreadsheet Calendar - MarketXLS

Dividends are important cash and income sources especially during retirement. Why would an investor look at the dividend calendar?

Dividends are an important source of income and cash flow for investors, especially during retirement when the need for a steady source of income is critical. Knowing when companies pay out their dividend is crucial for investors to maximize their income. That’s why an investor looks at the dividend calendar; it contains important dates such as when a company will announce their dividend and when the dividend will be paid, so investors know when to expect their dividend income. Additionally, the calendar usually offers other useful information, such as the amount of the dividend. Keeping up to date on the dividend calendar can help an investor maximize their dividend income.

What does a typical dividend calendar spreadsheet include?

A typical dividend calendar spreadsheet will include a breakdown of upcoming dividend payouts by stock ticker, date, frequency, amount, and sometimes more detailed information like payment types, yield, and ex-dividend date. This information can then be used to track future dividend payments and plan investments accordingly. Additionally, some dividend calendars may also include historical dividend payments and a summary of related news stories.

How can you use MarketXLS to create your own dividend cash flow calendar?

MarketXLS is an excellent tool that can be used to generate a dividend cash flow calendar. With easy to understand graphical representation, MarketXLS can help investors track dividend yields and dividends received at an individual or household level. With MarketXLS, users can easily view the records of all their past dividend payments and determine their expected yields over the long term. This can be helpful to investors in planning out their investments, ensuring their capital is maximized and their portfolio goals are on track. With MarketXLS users can also customize the dividend information displayed on their calendar, allowing them to easily view their expected cash flow at a glance.

Relevant MarketXLS functions on this topic

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Dividend Frequency =DividendFrequency(“MSFT”) How many times each year the company typically pays a regular dividend.
Dividend Payout Ratio =DividendPayoutRatio(“MSFT”) Returns the percentage of earnings that have been passed on to shareholders
Dividend Per Share TTM ($) =DividendPerShare(“MSFT”) – Returns the TTM dividend for MSFT. TTM dividend

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Download from the link below, a sample spreadsheet created with MarketXLS Spreadsheet builder

Note this spreadsheet will pull latest data if you have MarketXLS installed. If you do not have MarketXLS consider subscribing here


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