Changes and Updates on MarketXLS Servers

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Changes and Updates on MarketXLS Servers

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    This morning, we have moved our servers to brand new and better AWS infrastructure. So, we are now running an ECS clusters of VMs which will feed your Excel sheets.

    I am also pleased to suggest that we have integrated with QuoteMedia Limited for our primary data. Last, Bid, Ask, Change, KeyStats and many more. There are some new fields and functions available which will be released through our new client version shortly this week. I will send out a detailed email with all the information this week.

    The move has been largely successful and if you are using MarketXLS you may noticed reduced latency. So, what this means for you? Essentially nothing for now. Everything should be working normally. There may be some upcoming changes with regards to Option pricing and exchange agreements with OPRA but we will inform you in advance around those as we are still working on those.

    To your investing success.

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