EPS data mis-behaving

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EPS data mis-behaving

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    Jul 18, 2018
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    I have the new version in Excel 2016 and 2013 there are a few problems with EarningsPerShare data.

    2 issues. First some of the data comes back as AVG Volume instead of EPS See the 2 pictures.

    The other problem seems to only happen when there is a large amount of data. I started with a full list of NYSE stock symbols added EarningsPerShare then sorted the data. A few times it worked but most of the time it kills the API or something and one by one every value in the EPS cells turns to #VALUE and the only way to get it back is to reboot the PC. Other data seems ok but anything related to EPS comes back as #VALUE

    Restarting Excel doesn't work. Had the same problem with Excel 2013 and 2016
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    Ok, thank You. Let me have a look at this.

    Kind regards
    Ankur for MarketXLS

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