Historic option prices

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Historic option prices

  1. Osman Turkoglu

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    May 26, 2020
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    Hi, I want to get a backdated option price, but I see that there is not a function that returns an option price at a specific date. Could you confirm that? The QMlist function tough cannot return values backdated by 1 year, I tried many options but no data is retrieved. Is there a way to retrieve one year ago price of
    @AAPL 201218C00330000 for instance.
    Appreciate your support,
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    Dec 21, 2015
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    Hi Osman,

    We have updated some option examples on the link below.
    Using Methods in QM_List() - Stock Research Tool

    The historical option prices are available for only the recently expired or current trading option. You should be able to get the full history of the life time of an options contract using the QM_list function.

    =QM_List("getHistory","symbol","@AAL 200717P00018000","start","2001-01-01")

    You can also use "end" parameter with an end date to get the pricing of options within a range of dates.
    I am not sure all option contracts would have a life time going back 1 year. But this function should get you everything that is available.

    Kind Regards
    Ankur for MarketXLS

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