How to get Twitter or Stocktwits details for Social Integration

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How to get Twitter or Stocktwits details for Social Integration

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    MarketXLS requires some details from Twitter and Stocktwits for Social Integration:

    To get Twitter information you need to go to
    1) Click on My Apps
    2) Click on Create New App


    3) Fill in the details as requested in the form


    4) Please note that Website and Call back URLs should start with https://
    5) Click on the checkbox to agree with the Twitter agreement
    6) Click on Create Your Twitter Application
    7) On the new page, click on Keys and Access Tokens
    8) The Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret) will give you input for first two values needed.


    9) For Access Token and Secret, scroll down and click on Create my access token and it will give you the values for the other two.

    Adding Details in MarketXLS for Social Integration
    Under MarketXLS tab in you Excel, Click on Settings under Help and Settings.

    To connect with Twitter
    Share the below mentioned details in the pop-up box and click on Save Twitter Credentials
    1) Consumer Key
    2) Consumer Secret
    3) Access Token
    4) Access Token Secret


    To connect to Stocktwits
    1) Click on Step 1) Click Here to Connect to Stocktwits
    2) After login, your code will appear in the pop-up box. Copy-paste the code here.
    3) Click on Step 2) Save Stocktwits Credentials

    The first button – Save Settings – has the default feature of sending your tweet as Media. You can un-check this option and add any separator in the text box next to it.
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