New MarketXLS Release Version

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New MarketXLS Release Version

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    Following are the key updates in this release of MarketXLS:

    1) New Ex-Dividend Date Yesterday Screener -

    Click a button to get a list of all stocks/instruments in the US that had an ex-dividend date yesterday.


    2) New Upcoming Ex-Dividend Dates Screener:

    Quickly get a list of stocks and their dividend yield that are closing in on their ex-dividend dates in coming days. Fore more details, click here.


    3) New Functions:

    Following new functions were added in this release...
    =x_week_high("Symbol","Weeks") - This will get high price in x weeks before today
    =x_week_low("Symbol","Weeks") - This will get low price in x weeks before today
    =close_historical_x_months_ago("Symbol","Months") - - This will get close price in x months ago

    4) Twitter and StockTwits Integration:

    With this version of MarketXLS you can share excel tables, charts, MarketXLS charts to Twitter & Stocktwits with 2-3 clicks like shown below.



    For more details on how to set this up in MarketXLS see our Knowledge-base articles here.

    5) Follow us on Stocktwits and Twitter:

    We share useful information on trending stocks regularly on Twitter and on Stocktwits. To stay updated, follow us on twitter and on stocktwits

    Below are the key tasks we are working on for coming release...

    1) Reworking on Barchart integration module
    2) Working to inetgrate new data source from Quotemedia Inc.
    3) New Price screener to be able to screen stocks on quotes and volatility
    4) Valuation Models
    5) Add more price/volatility related screeners just like the RSI one.
    6) Latency fixes - caching on the servers
    7) Buying & integrating new data on earnings and estimates

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