New MarketXLS Release Version

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New MarketXLS Release Version

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    We are happy to release a new version of MarketXLS v8.0.0.2 today on 28th April 2017.

    Nothing will change on your Excel sheets or your software license. The new update will automatically recognize your existing license. MarketXLS releases are always backward compatible.

    Following are the key updates in this release of MarketXLS….

    1) Performance

    We have introduced default caching in MarketXLS from this release. So, historical data will be cached and will be delivered from the memory instead of calling server for values. Live quotes will also be cached for a few seconds to maximize the efficiency. All this will happen in the background and this will provide you much better experience while working on sheets with MarketXLS functions. The wait times will reduce, everything will be simply faster.

    The cache is retained for a session (a session starts when you open Excel and it ends when you close it). You can remove the cache from the app for a session by clicking on the button shown below by going to Settings/Help>> Settings in MarketXLS menu.

    We would encourage you to update to this version for better performance.


    2) Historical Pricing Data -

    Based on your feedback, we have introduced checkboxes so you can select which price points you need from the History as shown below.

    3) New Range Chart:

    We have introduced a new range chart in this release which compares the returns range of up to five symbols in a chart for multiple time periods. To run this chart, select a group of up to five cells, then go to Quick Charts, the click on "Daily Return Range Chart" button.


    4) Options Ask/Bid Pricing fix & Missing dates in Historical Data:

    Some of you reported the issue about Bid and Ask pricing for options. These should be fixed in this release. There is some missing historical data which we are working on on the server as it will not need us to release a new version.

    5) New Partnership/Service with

    We have partnered with Open Box Models to provide financial modeling services with their new and innovative technology of creating robust, maintainable models using a proprietary technology.

    Iain from Open Box Models has developed an innovative technology to create bespoke, accurate financial models with a GUI, drag and drop interface. More info can be found here.

    MarketXLS functions can be used with Open Box Model’s technology. So, if you need financial/valuation models done for your investing purposes please contact us here or contact Iain directly here

    Below are the key tasks we are working on for coming release...

    1) Reworking on Barchart integration module
    2) Working to integrate new data source from Quotemedia Inc.
    3) New Price screener to be able to screen stocks on quotes and volatility
    4) Valuation Models - with ability to share models between MarketXLS users - new
    5) Add more price/volatility related screeners just like the RSI one.

    6) Latency fixes - caching on the servers - new
    7) Buying & integrating new data on earnings, estimates and Canadian Options

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