send sms alerts when donchian stop is hit?

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send sms alerts when donchian stop is hit?

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    Nov 3, 2017
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    I'm a newbie. This is a compound question re both MXLS and Excel...

    I want to create a sheet in my Trades workbook. I want to have multiple rows, where each row has a ticker for the underlying and a Donchian channel period.

    I want to use MXLS to compute the current lower Donchian channel level, compare the Last() to that level, and alert me via SMS that my stop has been hit. (The SMS message can be sent via an email to my cell phone #...)

    How would I go about that?
    1) will MXLS compute the Donchian level on their server?
    2) is there a MXLS method to get the Donchian level?
    3) do I need to download a price series for each ticker and compute the Donchian level in Excel?
    4) do I need to resort to VBA to do this?

    I'm sure there are many questions I don't even know to ask...

    Any help appreciated!



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