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BJ's Restaurants Inc.

Consumer Cyclical


Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 555 M  90-day average vol: 374,154

Previous close: 23.68  Open: 23.76  Bid: 25.62  Ask: 25.62
52 week range    
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CMG / 
Last updated: Thursday 29th September 2022
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BJRI Cash Flow


Cashflowfinancing_Cash at beginning of period22 M15 M23 M31 M35 M23 M24 M29 M22 M52 M
Total net income0000000000
Cashflowoperating_Depreciation41 M49 M55 M59 M64 M69 M70 M72 M73 M73 M
Cashflowoperating_Deferred income taxes7 M-3 M4 M5 M7 M-16 M-3 M-3 M-26 M-19 M
Cashflowoperating_Other non-cash items24 M00-3 M0194000028 M26 M32 M
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in receivables-8 M7 M-5 M-99400010 M-210000-16 M12 M63000-2 M
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in inventories-98000-1 M-577000-883000-1 M-607000381000-969000396000-386000
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in other current assets-3 M-3 M-3 M-3 M-5 M-4 M-2 M-8 M-4 M-2 M
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in payables-510008 M842000-2 M542000-1 M5 M-10 M17 M7 M
Cashflowoperating_(Increase) Decrease in other current liabilities7 M4 M14 M11 M10 M3 M8 M-31 M-13 M-33 M
Other changes20 M35 M34 M61 M53 M58 M69 M57 M-32 M8 M
Cashflowoperating_Net cash from continuing operations88 M96 M100 M127 M138 M107 M133 M116 M41 M64 M
Cashflowinvesting_Purchase of property plant & equipment-109 M-117 M-88 M-86 M-109 M-71 M-61 M-82 M-43 M-42 M
Cashflowinvesting_Other investing changes net0000000000
Cashflowinvesting_Sale of short term investments0000000000
Cashflowinvesting_Purchase of short term investments0000000000
Cashflowinvesting_Sale of Float term investments0000000000
Cashflowinvesting_Purchase of Float term investments0000000000
Other changes-99 M-90 M-65 M-83 M-105 M-53 M-55 M-78 M-36 M-42 M
Cashflowinvesting_Net cash from investing activities-99 M-90 M-65 M-83 M-105 M-53 M-55 M-78 M-36 M-42 M
Cashflowfinancing_Issuance of capital stock2 M2 M11 M8 M2 M1 M26 M1 M67 M33 M
Cashflowfinancing_Repurchase of capital stock00-100 M-96 M-95 M-67 M-20 M-83 M-15 M0
Cashflowfinancing_Payment of cash dividends00000-2 M-9 M-10 M-150000-118000
Cashflowfinancing_Issuance of debt00125 M529 M1,180 M2,145 M1,175 M1,044 M1,253 M1,057 M
Cashflowfinancing_Repayment of debt00-67 M-487 M-1,132 M-2,130 M-1,243 M-995 M-1,279 M-1,123 M
Cashflowfinancing_Other financing charges net1 M6810003 M4 M10000-322000-383000-1 M-2 M-2 M
Cashflowfinancing_Net cash from financing activities3 M2 M-27 M-41 M-45 M-53 M-73 M-45 M24 M-35 M
Cashflowfinancing_Net change in cash & cash equivalents-7 M8 M8 M4 M-12 M2 M5 M-7 M29 M-13 M
Cashflowfinancing_Cash at end of period15 M23 M31 M35 M23 M24 M29 M22 M52 M39 M
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