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Bristol-Myers Squibb Company logo

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company


Drug Manufacturers - Major

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 153,806 M  90-day average vol: 8,838,033

Previous close: 72.45  Open: 72.59  Bid: 72.24  Ask: 72.24
52 week range    
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Last updated: Tuesday 31st January 2023
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BMY Income Statement

Total revenues149 M16,385 M15,879 M16,560 M19,427 M20,776 M22,561 M26,145 M42,518 M46,385 M
Cost of sales63 M3,856 M3,465 M3,533 M4,587 M4,533 M5,290 M5,721 M701 M-1,409 M
Gross operating profit87 M7,685 M7,728 M10,136 M12,733 M13,936 M16,301 M18,304 M30,855 M36,494 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense72 M5,104 M5,699 M5,001 M4,979 M4,751 M4,551 M5,172 M8,191 M7,690 M
Research & development expense03,731 M4,534 M5,920 M5,012 M6,468 M6,332 M6,148 M11,143 M11,354 M
Operating income15 M2,931 M1,714 M1,730 M4,467 M3,446 M5,114 M5,612 M1,647 M7,378 M
floaterest income0000000000
floaterest expense0000000000
Other income net15164159 M870 M531 M1,615 M1,881 M1,037 M19 M-7,098 M2,054 M
Pre-tax Income (EBT)15 M2,891 M2,381 M2,077 M5,915 M5,131 M5,968 M4,975 M-6,871 M8,098 M
Income taxes3 M311 M352 M446 M1,408 M4,156 M1,021 M1,515 M2,124 M1,084 M
Net income from total operations11 M2,580 M2,029 M1,631 M4,507 M975 M4,947 M3,460 M-8,995 M7,014 M
Minority floaterest0000000000
Total net income11 M2,563 M2,004 M1,565 M4,457 M1,007 M4,920 M3,439 M-9,015 M6,994 M
Preferred dividends0N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Net income available for common12 M2,580 M2,029 M1,631 M4,507 M975 M4,947 M3,460 M-8,995 M7,014 M
Depreciation0763 M467 M376 M382 M789 M637 M1,746 M10,380 M10,686 M
Amortization0000097 M97 M1,135 M9,688 M10,023 M
Operating income before depreciation (EBITDA)19 M3,853 M3,051 M2,637 M6,464 M6,116 M6,788 M7,377 M4,929 M20,118 M
Total Income available for floaterest expense (EBIT)0000000000
Basic EPS total0.160000002.02-3.993.15
Diluted EPS total0.150000002.01-3.993.12
Call: 1-877-778-8358
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