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Bank Nova Scotia Halifax Pfd 3 logo

Bank Nova Scotia Halifax Pfd 3

Sector: Financial Services   

Industry: Banks - Global

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 58,286 M  90-day average vol: 1,770,170

Previous close: 48.39  Open: 48.19  Bid: 47.83  Ask: 48.49
52 week range    
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Last updated: Tuesday 21st May 2024

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BNS Income Statement

Basic EPS from continuing operations6.96.725.437.748.055.84
Basic EPS total6.96.725.437.748.055.84
Basic weighted shares outstanding1,213 M1,222 M1,212 M1,214 M1,199 M1,197 M
CommissionExpenses-1,125 M-1,117 M
CreditCard933 M1,089 M1,359 M1,018 M1,105 M977 M789 M749 M2,426 M2,639 M
CreditLossesProvision-1,703 M-1,942 M-2,412 M-2,249 M-2,611 M-3,027 M-6,084 M-1,808 M1,382 M3,422 M
Depreciation1,531 M1,820 M
Depreciation unreconciled526 M584 M684 M761 M848 M1,053 M1,546 M1,511 M1,531 M1,820 M
DepreciationAndAmortization526 M584 M684 M761 M848 M1,053 M1,546 M1,511 M1,531 M1,820 M
Diluted EPS total6.826.685.
Diluted normalized net income/share6.826.685.
Diluted weighted shares outstanding1,229 M1,251 M1,243 M1,225 M1,208 M1,204 M
Dividends paid per share3.283.493.
FeesAndCommissions6,193 M6,629 M7,683 M8,076 M8,183 M8,829 M8,158 M8,936 M5,845 M6,619 M
GainOnSaleOfBusiness148 M298 M
GeneralAndAdministrativeExpense6,547 M6,681 M7,025 M7,375 M7,455 M8,902 M8,624 M8,541 M-433 M-482 M
ImpairmentOfCapitalAssets44 M
Income before tax9,300 M9,066 M9,398 M10,276 M11,106 M11,270 M8,396 M12,826 M12,932 M9,754 M
Income restructuring and M&A-187 M445 M283 M291 M
Income taxes2,002 M1,853 M2,030 M2,033 M2,382 M2,472 M1,543 M2,871 M2,758 M2,226 M
IncomefromAssociatesandOtherParticipatingInterests428 M405 M414 M407 M559 M650 M242 M339 M268 M153 M
InsuranceAndClaims-433 M-482 M
Interest expense7,235 M7,195 M7,916 M8,892 M11,876 M15,607 M12,392 M8,025 M15,443 M38,537 M
InterestExpenseForDeposit6,173 M6,070 M6,793 M7,878 M10,544 M13,871 M10,731 M6,465 M12,794 M35,650 M
InterestExpenseForLongTermDebt270 M471 M
InterestExpenseForLongTermDebtAndCapitalSecurities204 M187 M232 M226 M214 M294 M240 M180 M270 M471 M
InterestIncome19,540 M20,287 M22,208 M23,927 M28,067 M32,784 M29,712 M24,986 M33,558 M56,824 M
InterestIncomeAfterProvisionForLoanLoss10,602 M11,150 M11,880 M12,786 M13,580 M14,150 M11,236 M15,153 M16,733 M14,865 M
InterestIncomeFromDeposits263 M292 M394 M522 M859 M928 M414 M182 M832 M3,470 M
InterestIncomeFromFederalFundsSoldAndSecuritiesPurchaseUnderAgreementsToResell180 M161 M158 M283 M446 M502 M286 M178 M459 M1,478 M
InterestIncomeFromInvestmentSecurities2,877 M6,833 M
InterestIncomeFromLoans18,176 M18,912 M20,419 M21,719 M24,991 M29,116 M26,977 M23,159 M29,390 M45,043 M
InterestIncomeFromLoansAndLease18,176 M18,912 M20,419 M21,719 M24,991 M29,116 M26,977 M23,159 M29,390 M45,043 M
InterestIncomeFromSecurities921 M922 M1,237 M1,403 M1,771 M2,238 M2,035 M1,467 M2,877 M6,833 M
InvestmentBankingProfit712 M525 M594 M598 M514 M497 M690 M724 M543 M554 M
MinorityInterests227 M199 M251 M238 M176 M408 M75 M331 M-258 M-118 M
Net income from total operations7,071 M7,014 M7,117 M8,005 M8,548 M8,390 M6,778 M9,624 M9,916 M7,410 M
NetIncomeCommonStockholders6,916 M6,897 M6,987 M7,876 M8,361 M8,208 M6,582 M9,391 M9,656 M6,991 M
NetIncomeContinuousOperations7,298 M7,213 M7,368 M8,243 M8,724 M8,798 M6,853 M9,955 M10,174 M7,528 M
NetInterestIncome12,305 M13,092 M14,292 M15,035 M16,191 M17,177 M17,320 M16,961 M18,115 M18,287 M
NetOccupancyExpense2,424 M2,659 M
NonInterestExpense12,601 M13,041 M14,540 M14,630 M15,058 M16,292 M16,827 M16,327 M15,544 M17,532 M
NonInterestIncome10,871 M10,552 M11,644 M11,713 M12,025 M13,207 M13,774 M13,952 M11,743 M12,421 M
Normalized income6,836 M6,664 M6,908 M7,553 M7,976 M8,580 M6,355 M9,718 M9,505 M7,169 M
OccupancyAndEquipment1,936 M2,086 M2,238 M2,436 M2,577 M2,807 M2,408 M2,351 M2,424 M2,659 M
Other special charges155 M
OtherCustomerServices412 M732 M903 M841 M949 M688 M677 M650 M1,072 M
OtherGandA6,547 M6,681 M7,025 M7,375 M7,455 M8,902 M8,624 M8,541 M-433 M-482 M
OtherInterestExpense858 M938 M891 M788 M1,118 M1,442 M1,421 M1,380 M2,379 M2,416 M
OtherNonInterestExpense2,550 M2,550 M3,283 M2,702 M2,716 M2,503 M3,051 M2,731 M2,464 M3,066 M
OtherNonInterestIncome1,217 M526 M462 M490 M454 M699 M703 M655 M2,344 M2,475 M
OtherunderPreferredStockDividend155 M117 M130 M129 M187 M182 M196 M233 M260 M419 M
PreferredStockDividends155 M117 M130 M129 M187 M182 M196 M233 M260 M419 M
ProfessionalExpenseAndContractServicesExpense471 M548 M693 M775 M881 M861 M753 M789 M826 M780 M
PromotionAndAdvertising480 M576 M
SalariesAndWages6,547 M6,681 M7,025 M7,375 M7,455 M8,443 M8,624 M8,541 M8,836 M9,596 M
SecuritiesActivities942 M1,006 M1,034 M1,047 M895 M876 M902 M1,039 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense7,118 M7,273 M7,642 M7,956 M8,036 M9,527 M9,069 M8,945 M7,758 M8,573 M
SellingAndMarketingExpense571 M592 M617 M581 M581 M625 M445 M404 M-645 M-541 M
ServiceChargeOnDepositorAccounts2,576 M2,694 M2,869 M2,837 M2,896 M4,105 M2,888 M3,083 M1,770 M1,879 M
Special income/charges-187 M445 M29 M291 M-2,464 M-3,066 M
Total common shares outstanding1,217 M1,203 M1,206 M1,199 M1,228 M1,216 M1,211 M1,215 M1,215 M
Total net income7,071 M7,014 M7,117 M8,005 M8,548 M8,390 M6,778 M9,624 M9,916 M7,410 M
Total ordinary shares1,214 M1,214 M1,214 M1,214 M1,214 M1,214 M1,214 M1,214 M1,214 M1,214 M
Total revenues23,176 M23,644 M25,936 M26,748 M28,216 M30,384 M31,094 M30,913 M29,858 M30,708 M
TotalPremiumsEarned474 M556 M603 M626 M686 M676 M497 M398 M
TotalRevenue23,176 M23,644 M25,936 M26,748 M28,216 M30,384 M31,094 M30,913 M29,858 M30,708 M
TradingGainLoss-906 M-984 M-966 M-736 M-1,420 M-1,488 M-2,411 M-2,033 M-1,791 M-1,580 M
TrustFeesbyCommissions2,081 M2,263 M2,248 M2,271 M2,446 M2,899 M2,891 M3,388 M999 M1,029 M
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