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Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 117 M  90-day average vol: 157,830

Previous close: 2.63  Open: 2.64  Bid: 2.85  Ask: 2.85
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Last updated: Tuesday 5th July 2022
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ARC Balance Sheet


Assets_Cash and equivalents28 M27 M23 M24 M25 M28 M29 M29 M55 M
Assets_Marketable securities000000000
Assets_Accounts receivable52 M56 M62 M60 M60 M57 M58 M51 M36 M
Assets_Loans receivable000000000
Assets_Other receivable000000000
Assets_Receivables52 M56 M62 M60 M60 M57 M58 M51 M36 M
Assets_Inventories14 M14 M16 M17 M18 M20 M17 M14 M9 M
Assets_Prepaid expenses3 M4 M5 M5 M4 M4 M5 M5 M4 M
Other Current Assets7 M4 M6 M4 M5 M5 M6 M7 M4 M
Assets_Total current assets104 M106 M112 M110 M112 M114 M115 M106 M109 M
Assets_Land & improvements000000000
Assets_Machinery furniture & equipment236 M246 M258 M244 M245 M247 M251 M259 M255 M
Assets_Building & improvements000000000
Assets_Gross fixed assets (Plant Property & Equipment)254 M263 M274 M260 M262 M263 M270 M322 M316 M
Assets_Accumulated depreciation & depletion198 M207 M215 M202 M201 M199 M199 M211 M220 M
Assets_Construction in progress000000000
Property Plant Equipment Net56 M56 M60 M58 M61 M64 M71 M112 M96 M
Non-Current Investments16 M-670000.0-18 M61 M-51 M-89 M-100 M-116 M-116 M
Assets_Other non-current assets3 M2 M2 M2 M2 M3 M3 M2 M2 M
Assets_Total non-current assets312 M303 M302 M365 M257 M225 M224 M257 M237 M
Assets_Total assets416 M410 M414 M475 M369 M339 M340 M363 M345 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Accounts payable21 M23 M27 M24 M25 M24 M24 M23 M19 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Accrued expenses29 M33 M37 M31 M28 M30 M35 M35 M28 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Short term debt13 M22 M28 M14 M14 M21 M22 M28 M30 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Other current liabilities000000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Deferred revenues000000000
Other Current Liabilities0.
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total current liabilities64 M78 M91 M70 M67 M75 M81 M86 M76 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Float term debt209 M198 M176 M157 M143 M124 M105 M89 M80 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Capital lease obligations000000037 M34 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Other non-current liabilities3 M3 M3 M3 M-28 M3 M6 M4000002 M
Other Non-Current Liabilities36 M39 M41 M43 M37 M7 M7 M7 M7 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total non-current liabilities248 M241 M220 M203 M152 M134 M118 M133 M122 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total liabilities312 M318 M311 M272 M219 M209 M199 M220 M198 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Common stock equity104 M92 M103 M202 M150 M130 M140 M143 M148 M
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Preferred stock equity000000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Minority floaterest000000000
Liabilitiesstockholdersequity_Total equity104 M92 M103 M202 M150 M130 M140 M143 M148 M
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