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Bank Of Montreal logo

Bank Of Montreal

Sector: Financial Services   

Industry: Banks - Global

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 68,641 M  90-day average vol: 734,869

Previous close: 94.55  Open: 94.67  Bid: 95.0  Ask: 96.75
52 week range    
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Last updated: Monday 27th May 2024

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BMO Income Statement

Amortization of intangibles382 M411 M444 M485 M503 M554 M620 M634 M604 M1,015 M
Basic EPS from continuing operations8.198.687.5611.620.396.15
Basic EPS total8.198.687.5611.620.396.15
Basic weighted shares outstanding643 M639 M641 M647 M664 M709 M
CreditCard462 M460 M526 M329 M428 M437 M358 M442 M548 M700 M
CreditLossesProvision-561 M-612 M-771 M-746 M-662 M-872 M-2,953 M-20 M313 M2,178 M
Depreciation unreconciled382 M411 M444 M485 M503 M554 M620 M634 M604 M1,015 M
DepreciationAndAmortization382 M411 M444 M485 M503 M554 M620 M634 M604 M1,015 M
Diluted EPS total8.178.667.5511.5820.336.14
Diluted normalized net income/share8.178.667.5511.5820.336.14
Diluted weighted shares outstanding645 M640 M642 M649 M666 M711 M
Dividends paid per share3.784.
EarningLossOfEquityInvestments274 M185 M
Equipment3,635 M4,879 M
FeesAndCommissions5,389 M6,104 M6,305 M6,357 M6,806 M7,022 M7,134 M7,760 M7,351 M7,748 M
GainOnSaleOfBusiness-857 M
GeneralAndAdministrativeExpense8,578 M9,254 M9,865 M9,832 M9,614 M11,132 M7,944 M9,721 M683 M1,939 M
Income before tax5,236 M5,341 M5,732 M6,631 M7,414 M7,272 M6,348 M10,258 M334 M5,863 M
Income restructuring and M&A14 M-15 M
Income taxes903 M936 M1,101 M1,292 M1,961 M1,514 M1,251 M2,504 M4,349 M1,486 M
IncomefromAssociatesandOtherParticipatingInterests169 M207 M140 M386 M167 M151 M161 M248 M
InsuranceAndClaims1,505 M1,254 M1,543 M1,538 M1,352 M2,709 M1,708 M1,399 M683 M1,939 M
InsuranceAndPremiums157 M2,498 M
Interest expense4,580 M4,395 M4,516 M6,138 M9,597 M13,264 M9,344 M5,577 M11,012 M36,893 M
InterestExpenseForDeposit2,865 M2,755 M3,036 M3,894 M6,080 M8,616 M6,239 M3,220 M6,711 M
InterestExpenseForLongTermDebt227 M
InterestExpenseForLongTermDebtAndCapitalSecurities150 M163 M170 M155 M226 M279 M265 M195 M227 M
InterestIncome12,872 M13,158 M14,388 M17,413 M21,035 M26,152 M23,315 M19,887 M27,178 M55,755 M
InterestIncomeAfterProvisionForLoanLoss7,731 M8,151 M9,101 M10,529 M10,776 M12,016 M11,018 M14,290 M15,853 M16,684 M
InterestIncomeFromDeposits182 M190 M223 M324 M641 M787 M390 M197 M843 M
InterestIncomeFromInvestmentSecurities5,590 M
InterestIncomeFromLoans10,997 M11,263 M12,575 M13,564 M16,275 M19,824 M17,945 M15,727 M20,464 M
InterestIncomeFromLoansAndLease10,997 M11,263 M12,575 M13,564 M16,275 M19,824 M17,945 M15,727 M20,464 M
InterestIncomeFromOtherMoneyMarketInvestments281 M181 M
InterestIncomeFromSecurities1,693 M1,705 M1,590 M3,525 M4,119 M5,541 M4,980 M3,963 M281 M181 M
InvestmentBankingProfit744 M706 M820 M1,044 M943 M975 M1,070 M1,421 M
MinorityInterests56 M35 M9 M2 M-12 M
Net income from total operations4,277 M4,370 M4,622 M5,337 M5,453 M5,758 M5,097 M7,754 M-4,015 M4,365 M
NetIncomeCommonStockholders4,157 M4,253 M4,472 M5,153 M5,269 M5,547 M4,850 M7,510 M-4,015 M4,365 M
NetIncomeContinuousOperations4,333 M4,405 M4,631 M5,339 M5,453 M5,758 M5,097 M7,754 M-4,015 M4,377 M
NetInterestIncome8,292 M8,763 M9,872 M11,275 M11,438 M12,888 M13,971 M14,310 M16,166 M18,862 M
NonInterestExpense12,426 M13,436 M14,584 M14,730 M14,829 M17,339 M15,871 M16,037 M16,877 M23,158 M
NonInterestIncome9,762 M10,419 M11,075 M10,446 M11,300 M12,444 M9,346 M12,599 M1,358 M12,337 M
Normalized income3,848 M3,926 M4,213 M4,874 M5,449 M5,345 M4,680 M8,382 M245 M4,309 M
OccupancyAndEquipment1,908 M2,137 M2,393 M2,491 M2,753 M2,988 M3,202 M3,396 M3,635 M4,879 M
OtherCustomerServices3,715 M3,680 M
OtherGandA8,578 M9,254 M9,865 M9,832 M9,614 M11,132 M7,944 M9,721 M683 M1,939 M
OtherInterestExpense1,565 M1,477 M1,310 M2,089 M3,291 M4,369 M2,840 M2,162 M11,012 M36,893 M
OtherInterestIncome26,897 M55,574 M
OtherNonInterestExpense936 M1,039 M1,359 M1,353 M1,387 M2,097 M1,842 M1,679 M1,855 M1,849 M
OtherNonInterestIncome331 M517 M489 M529 M546 M551 M406 M423 M1,645 M1,887 M
OtherunderPreferredStockDividend120 M117 M150 M184 M184 M211 M247 M244 M
PreferredStockDividends120 M117 M150 M184 M184 M211 M247 M244 M
ProfessionalExpenseAndContractServicesExpense622 M595 M523 M569 M572 M568 M555 M607 M788 M1,147 M
PromotionAndAdvertising517 M814 M
Revenue per share382 M411 M444 M485 M503 M554 M620 M634 M604 M1,015 M
SalariesAndWages6,242 M7,081 M7,382 M7,468 M7,461 M8,423 M7,944 M8,322 M8,795 M11,515 M
SecuritiesActivities894 M901 M924 M964 M1,025 M1,023 M1,036 M1,107 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense8,578 M9,254 M9,865 M9,832 M9,614 M11,132 M7,944 M9,721 M9,995 M14,268 M
SellingAndMarketingExpense133 M517 M814 M
ServiceChargeOnDepositorAccounts1,682 M1,814 M1,935 M2,026 M2,131 M2,833 M2,874 M2,634 M1,318 M1,517 M
Special income/charges14 M842 M-1,855 M-1,849 M
Total common shares outstanding644 M642 M646 M648 M640 M639 M647 M648 M647 M
Total net income4,277 M4,370 M4,622 M5,337 M5,453 M5,758 M5,097 M7,754 M-4,015 M4,365 M
Total ordinary shares725 M725 M725 M725 M725 M725 M725 M725 M725 M725 M
Total revenues18,054 M19,182 M20,947 M21,721 M22,738 M25,332 M23,317 M26,909 M17,524 M31,199 M
TotalPremiumsEarned2,008 M1,762 M2,023 M2,070 M1,879 M3,183 M470 M1,941 M157 M2,498 M
TotalRevenue18,054 M19,182 M20,947 M21,721 M22,738 M25,332 M23,317 M26,909 M17,524 M31,199 M
TradingGainLoss-949 M-987 M-1,192 M-84 M-705 M-298 M-15 M-296 M8,250 M216 M
TrustFeesbyCommissions2,351 M2,929 M2,920 M3,038 M3,222 M3,166 M3,224 M3,577 M1,770 M1,851 M
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