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NextEra Energy Inc. logo

NextEra Energy Inc.

Sector: Utilities   

Industry: Utilities - Regulated Electric

Optionable: Yes  Market Cap: 145,818 M  90-day average vol: 6,974,707

Previous close: 73.38  Open: 73.64  Bid: 74.35  Ask: 74.5
52 week range    
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EXC / 
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Last updated: Thursday 8th June 2023
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StockDividendMarket Cap (B)PEPrice ($)


0.034744 B1989.81


0.033365 B25.580.17


0.037880 B27.1104.34


0.036822 B18.1109.66


0.035157 B33.943.64


0.037624 B20.741.44


24 B91.412.15


0.056722 B-17.429.29


0.038472 B24.867.65


0.026637 B23.568.75

NEE Income Statement

AcquiredInProcessRnD-1,098 M-2,212 M-337 M-135 M-460 M-1,364 M1000000.092 M
AcquiredInProcessRnDIncome38 M5,357 M1,078 M3,776 M122 M-21 M1,634 M
AcquisitionExpense-56 M148 M5,657 M
Amortization-13 M-15 M-17 M-35 M-35 M-19 M-18 M-27 M-25 M-18 M
Amortization of intangibles4,621 M1,786 M
Basic EPS from continuing operations0.991.421.531.572.873.511.951.491.822.1
Basic EPS total1.131.421.531.572.873.511.951.491.822.1
Basic weighted shares outstanding1,697 M1,738 M1,802 M1,852 M1,875 M1,893 M1,928 M1,959 M1,963 M1,973 M
CommissionExpenses4,371 M-768 M
Cost of sales166 M1,385 M2,358 M3,458 M5,431 M3,640 M3,751 M3,981 M4,428 M
Depletion250 M
Depreciation2,285 M2,533 M2,688 M3,077 M-30 M2 M
Depreciation unreconciled2,724 M7,389 M3,060 M3,377 M-30 M1,786 M250 M2 M-25 M-18 M
DevelopmentExpense551 M250 M
Diluted EPS total1.121.41.521.562.853.471.941.481.812.1
Diluted normalized net income/share0.981.41.521.562.853.471.941.481.812.1
Diluted weighted shares outstanding1,708 M1,760 M1,816 M1,863 M1,890 M1,908 M1,942 M1,969 M1,972 M1,979 M
Dividends paid per share0.660.730.770.870.981.11
Earnings from equity interest79 M93 M4,612 M1,804 M263 M1,058 M66 M-1,351 M666 M203 M
EarningsFromEquityInterestNetOfTax79 M93 M4,612 M1,804 M263 M1,058 M66 M-1,351 M666 M203 M
ExciseTaxes1,199 M1,385 M7 M3,338 M
FuelAndPurchasePower-71 M1,859 M
GainOnSaleOfBusiness2,710 M287 M4,001 M5,396 M-9 M10 M
GainOnSaleOfPPE3,776 M323 M263 M936 M1,111 M59 M406 M-130 M77 M522 M
GainOnSaleOfSecurity855 M59 M-98 M251 M112 M11,442 M55 M163 M70 M80 M
GainsLossOnDisposalOfDiscontinuedOperations231 M
GeneralAndAdministrativeExpense3,046 M8 M382 M3 M2,408 M5,493 M
Gross operating profit13,771 M19,078 M18,688 M16,179 M13,748 M11,487 M16,834 M10,882 M13,088 M16,528 M
ImpairmentOfCapitalAssets310 M11 M1,454 M7 M446 M11 M-72 M
Income before tax5,019 M7,076 M13,549 M13,668 M1,509 M11,543 M6,865 M-4,166 M2,918 M3,630 M
Income restructuring and M&A-99 M-108 M-77 M-55 M69 M32 M15 M-169 M-141 M-145 M
Income taxes1,630 M2,381 M7,241 M2,623 M-661 M1,576 M448 M44 M348 M586 M
InsuranceAndClaims1,261 M182 M5,493 M
Interest income1,883 M5,732 M107 M3,915 M-546 M
InterestExpenseNonOperating743 M1,074 M
InterestExpenseOperating1,261 M1,190 M120 M2,743 M
InterestIncomeOperating1,507 M181 M821 M153 M
MarketingExpense-34 M-9 M75 M14 M
MinorityInterests-206 M-345 M-645 M-2,584 M351 M
MiscOtherSpecialCharges5,937 M-974 M645 M2,943 M-973 M-1,588 M-1,890 M-1,695 M-873 M-846 M
Net income from total operations4,340 M4,485 M5,953 M6,438 M2,225 M8,245 M4,576 M-3,309 M3,316 M3,945 M
NetIncomeCommonStockholders4,340 M4,485 M5,953 M6,438 M2,225 M8,245 M4,576 M-3,309 M3,316 M3,945 M
NetIncomeContinuousOperations4,340 M4,485 M5,953 M6,438 M2,225 M8,245 M4,576 M-3,309 M3,316 M3,945 M
NetIncomeDiscontinuousOperations231 M
NetIncomeExtraordinary-4 M-10 M-93 M57 M862 M381 M550 M746 M901 M
NetNonOperatingInterestIncomeExpense1,887 M8,056 M515 M7,266 M280 M-20 M-546 M
NetOperatingInterestIncomeExpense-1,261 M317 M181 M821 M-120 M-2,590 M
NonRecurringOperationExpense337 M-40 M761 M-24 M
Operating income-5,679 M-4,940 M-2,977 M-6,713 M929 M-2,302 M3,242 M-4,002 M2,978 M3,671 M
Operating income before depreciation (EBITDA)12,228 M7,255 M-1,028 M2,893 M3,612 M
OperatingExpense19,450 M24,018 M21,665 M22,892 M12,819 M13,789 M13,592 M14,884 M10,110 M12,857 M
OperatingRevenue1,363 M3,972 M1,193 M33 M198 M-36 M
OperationAndMaintenance166 M1,385 M2,358 M3,458 M5,431 M3,640 M3,751 M3,981 M4,428 M
Other income net-13,040 M-8,704 M-14,117 M-14,031 M-635 M-10,881 M-4,120 M-908 M60 M41 M
Other special charges4,680 M
OtherCostofRevenue447 M74 M3 M
OtherGandA3,046 M8 M382 M3 M2,408 M5,493 M
OtherImpairmentOfCapitalAssets-375 M-102 M
OtherOperatingExpenses9,244 M11,265 M11,357 M10,422 M7,591 M9,651 M8,866 M7,681 M8,309 M10,780 M
OtherTaxes1,050 M1,324 M1,397 M1,843 M1,455 M1,508 M1,804 M1,709 M1,801 M2,077 M
OtherWriteDown156 M
OtherWriteOff100 M1,454 M1,612 M-1000000.0
PromotionAndAdvertising343 M-111 M1,845 M
RealizedCapitalGain-8 M59 M88 M1,470 M
RentAndLandingFees-500 M-2,408 M
Research & development expense143 M551 M700 M600 M1,845 M1,785 M250 M
ResearchExpense143 M700 M600 M1,845 M1,785 M
RestructringAndMnAIncome-99 M-108 M-77 M-55 M69 M32 M15 M-169 M-141 M-145 M
SalariesAndWages-67 M-60 M-60 M-77 M-76 M-941 M-100 M-107 M-119 M-142 M
SecuritiesAmortization1,122 M5,772 M110 M
Selling Gen & administrative expense5,223 M3,489 M-769 M883 M1,958 M2,422 M5,492 M
SellingAndMarketingExpense5,223 M443 M-777 M501 M1,955 M14 M-1000000.0
SellingExpense537 M110 M-1000000.0
Special income/charges4,229 M4,229 M1,771 M1,740 M55 M-1,321 M16 M679 M-141 M-145 M
Total Income available for interest expense (EBIT)3,132 M281 M12,717 M6,221 M1,509 M10,442 M7,005 M-1,030 M2,918 M3,630 M
Total common shares outstanding4,047 M4,047 M4,047 M4,047 M4,047 M4,047 M4,047 M4,047 M4,047 M4,047 M
Total net income4,340 M4,485 M5,953 M6,438 M2,225 M8,245 M4,576 M-3,309 M3,316 M3,945 M
Total ordinary shares2,023 M2,023 M2,023 M2,023 M2,023 M2,023 M2,023 M2,023 M2,023 M2,023 M
Total revenues13,937 M19,078 M20,073 M18,537 M17,206 M16,918 M20,474 M14,633 M17,069 M20,956 M
TotalExpenses19,616 M24,018 M23,050 M25,250 M16,277 M19,220 M17,232 M18,635 M14,091 M17,285 M
WriteDown-75 M-94 M
WriteOff6,545 M64 M1,947 M587 M
Call: 1-877-778-8358
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