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Custom Beta One Year

Returns the one-year beta value, indicating stock volatility relative to the market.

How calculated

MarketXLS updates the closing prices at around 5 PM EST. The Default Beta is calculated using the daily closing prices. This function calculates the Beta between the two tickers. The default ticker for comparison of the US Stocks that MarketXLS uses is SPY.

Example usage

=CustomBetaOneYear("MSFT") - Calculates beta against SPY on a daily basis.
=CustomBetaOneYear("MSFT","AAPL") - Calculates beta against AAPL on a daily basis
=CustomBetaOneYear("MSFT","AAPL", "monthly") - Calculates beta against AAPL on a monthly basis
=CustomBetaOneYear("MSFT","AAPL", "weekly") - Calculates beta against AAPL on a weekly basis


A high beta means the stock price is more sensitive to news and information, and will move faster than a stock with low beta. In general, high beta means high risk, but also offers the possibility of high returns if the stock turns out to be a good investment.


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