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Ames National Corporation logo

Ames National Corporation

Sector: Financial Services   

Industry: Banks - Regional - US

Optionable: No  Market Cap: 170 M  90-day average vol: 13,618

Previous close: 19.15  Open: 19.11  Bid: 17.01  Ask: 21.5
52 week range    
WFC / 
Last updated: Tuesday 23rd April 2024
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ATLO Balance Sheet

Accrued expenses2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M8 M2 M3 M7 M
Accumulated depreciation & depletion-11 M-12 M-13 M-14 M-15 M-16 M-17 M-18 M-18 M-19 M
Additional paid in capital21 M21 M21 M21 M20 M19 M17 M16 M14 M14 M
AdvanceFromFederalHomeLoanBanks14 M19 M15 M14 M15 M5 M3 M3 M35 M24 M
AllowanceForLoansAndLeaseLosses9 M10 M11 M11 M12 M13 M17 M17 M16 M17 M
AssetsHeldForSale704850.0539370.0242618.0496 M401287.03 M2 M827 M154000.0124000.0
AvailableForSaleSecurities543 M538 M516 M495 M459 M480 M597 M831 M786 M736 M
BankOwnedLifeInsurance3 M3 M3 M3 M3 M3 M
Cash and equivalents55 M51 M61 M69 M56 M144 M173 M89 M28 M55 M
CashEquivalents31 M27 M32 M43 M26 M109 M167 M70 M
Common par19 M19 M19 M19 M19 M18 M18 M18 M18 M18 M
Common stock equity155 M161 M165 M171 M173 M188 M209 M208 M149 M166 M
CommonStock19 M19 M19 M19 M19 M18 M18 M18 M18 M18 M
Cost in excess7 M7 M7 M7 M10 M12 M12 M12 M12 M12 M
CurrentAccruedExpenses666000.05 M
CurrentDeferredTaxesLiabilities4 M4 M3 M3 M4 M3 M2 M-3 M-2 M-3 M
Deferred revenues2 M
DeferredAssets3 M1 M3 M3 M4 M1 M2 M22 M16 M
DeferredTaxAssets3 M1 M3 M3 M4 M1 M2 M22 M16 M
Deposits809 M1,037 M1,070 M1,096 M1,181 M1,419 M1,656 M1,837 M1,855 M1,744 M
DividendsPayable2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M-7 M2 M2 M2 M
FederalFundsPurchasedAndSecuritiesSoldUnderAgreementToRepurchase51 M54 M58 M37 M41 M42 M37 M40 M41 M54 M
FederalHomeLoanBankStock4 M1000000.03 M3 M3 M3 M3 M5 M3 M
Float term debt14 M32 M28 M27 M15 M5 M3 M3 M
GoodwillAndOtherIntangibleAssets8 M8 M8 M8 M12 M16 M16 M15 M14 M14 M
Gross fixed assets (Plant Property & Equipment)27 M29 M29 M29 M30 M33 M34 M35 M37 M41 M
GrossLoan658 M701 M752 M772 M890 M1,048 M1,130 M1,144 M1,226 M
GrossNotesReceivable1,226 M1,278 M
Intangibles2 M1 M1 M1 M3 M4 M3 M3 M2 M1 M
InterestBearingDepositsAssets148 M70 M7 M31 M
InterestBearingDepositsLiabilities299 M298 M310 M322 M366 M462 M529 M576 M617 M612 M
InterestPayable666000.05 M
Invested capital187 M206 M206 M210 M187 M193 M212 M208 M149 M169 M
LoansReceivable658 M701 M752 M772 M890 M1,048 M1,130 M1,144 M17 M16 M
LongTermDebtAndCapitalLeaseObligation14 M32 M28 M27 M15 M5 M3 M3 M
Net fixed assets (net PP&E)16 M17 M16 M15 M16 M18 M17 M18 M19 M23 M
Net loans658 M701 M752 M772 M890 M1,048 M1,130 M1,144 M1,226 M
NetUnrealizedGainLossInvestments16 M3 M-63 M-47 M
Non-current deferred income taxes2 M
NonCurrentDeferredLiabilities2 M
NonInterestBearingDeposits189 M203 M212 M227 M230 M267 M350 M412 M392 M371 M
NotesReceivable1,226 M1,278 M
Number of employees281.0281.0281.0281.0281.0281.0281.0281.0281.0281.0
Other equity adjustments16 M3 M-63 M-47 M
Other receivable9 M9 M10 M9 M8 M10 M13 M17 M1,242 M1,294 M
OtherAssets1 M1 M799306.01 M1 M6 M24 M22 M20 M14 M
OtherDeposits322 M536 M548 M546 M585 M690 M778 M850 M846 M761 M
OtherEquityInterest4 M3 M-576687.0-432373.0-4 M4 M16 M3 M
OtherLiabilities3 M39 M111 M
OtherRealEstateOwned8 M1 M545757.0385509.0829603.04 M217856.0
Payables2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M2 M
Retained earnings111 M118 M126 M132 M138 M146 M158 M170 M180 M180 M
SecuritiesAndInvestments543 M538 M516 M495 M459 M480 M597 M831 M786 M736 M
TimeDepositsPlaced243 M37 M39 M39 M40 M74 M60 M41 M43 M68 M
Total assets1,301 M1,327 M1,366 M1,375 M1,456 M1,737 M2,036 M2,178 M2,135 M2,155 M
Total equity155 M161 M165 M171 M173 M188 M209 M208 M149 M166 M
Total liabilities1,146 M1,165 M1,201 M1,204 M1,283 M1,550 M1,706 M1,882 M1,986 M1,990 M
TotalEquityGrossMinority155 M161 M165 M171 M173 M188 M209 M208 M149 M166 M
TotalEquityGrossMinorityInterest155 M161 M165 M171 M173 M188 M209 M208 M149 M166 M
TotalLiabilitiesAndTotalEquityGrossMinorityInterest1,301 M1,327 M1,366 M1,375 M1,456 M1,737 M1,916 M2,178 M2,135 M2,155 M
UnrealizedGainLoss16 M3 M-63 M-47 M
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